Monday, August 31, 2009

My Art Show Postcard and Recap on Artwalk on Alberta

So last week on Wednesday Tiffany Ruth came by my place to drop off the printed Postcards for my Solo Show. Check it out:

Chelsea Rose Art Gallery Show
....The date keeps getting closer and closer. So far i have 5 new smaller pieces done for the show. I have 3 more to go and then i will have everything ready. I should take some progress pictures soon to show all the painting i have been doing!

I think i am finally recovered from Last Thursday Art walk on Alberta St Aug 09. It was one intense day and night. I took off early from work, so danny and I made it to Alberta st around 2:30pm. My dearful friend Shauna Mama( who makes the most amazing organic herbal soap in the world!!) saved us an amazing spot in the main vein of the artwalk: 20th and Alberta on the grassy lot area where all the crazyness happends.

Here is a close up snap shot of my table display:
Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta St Aug 09
If you look closely at this photo you will see i had a box full of my Solo art show post cards free for the taking Also, see the little wicker basket full of free stickers that we printed at home. Its really great how people's faces light up over the idea of free stickers!
Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta St Aug09
It was a hot sticky day so i tried my best to stay under the cover of our canopy to avoid a sunburn. During that time danny and i sat in our booth playing drums with others that drifted in an out. at one point in our booth i was drummin on our dejembe drum, another guy with a drum had wondered in and then there came a man with a flute and we made some beautiful melodies for awhile!
At one point, as i was strolling around looking for something to drink on the hot day i was hit with a pleasant realization- we were spack dab center in a little rainbow gathering packed into one block/lot with all the expected accurtraments: a tent/art booth city where people were giving away free tea, making organic pizza for the public, freeform roaming drum circles, swapping/barter circles, gypsy caravans full of musical mischief and love and much much more. it certainly may have been the highlight of summer thus far. i can only hope that my show comes anywhere close with such high positive energy.
here are a few shots of our booth during the night:
Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta st August 09
(photo courtesy Shauna Mama)

Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta St Aug09

Our booth at Artwalk on Alberta Aug. 09
(photo courtesy of Shauna Mama)
As soon as the sun went down the art walk seemed to suddenly burst with energy and activity. We did better this day then any other fair yet! And by the end of the night im happy to say that all 150 of my art show postcard/flyers were gone! I met so many wonderfully interesting, amazing and supportive people during that night. This artwalk certainly may have been the highlight of summer thus far. i can only hope that my show comes anywhere close with such high positive energy.

.....cant wait for the next Last Thursday art walk on Alberta St!


  1. I wish my area had something this big for an art fair! It sounds like so much fun! Can I ask a quick question? Where did you get your canopy from? I'm tentatively considering getting one.

  2. I believe i got my canopy from a sporting goods store called Joe's. I had never heard of that store till i moved to Portland. The company was going out of business so we got it for 100 bucks- original price was twice that i think.
    it took us a summer of selling tie-dye before we had enough to buy one! but its paid off and helped us display stuff since you can hang things off of it.