Monday, January 4, 2010

Its been awhile! Lots of updates and Hello to 2010.

Some time has passed since my last blog much that its now 2010! Strange indeed....
Saying goodbye to 2009 was bittersweet. So much awesomeness happened in that year including my first ever solo gallery show, the selling of a bunch of my acrylic paintings + the expansion of my life in Portland and my artistic direction. Still, i welcome the new year with excitement at the possibilities of new beginnings, fresh starts and aspirations. I am truly hoping on finishing a new acrylic painting series by the end of winter in hopes that i can find a spot to exhibited it come summer( details more to come.)
.....i wanted to take a little time here to tell you all that i sold another one of my big pieces just a day shy of the new year.
This is the one that sold:
River Spirit
Yes, the "River Spirit", 18"x24" original acrylic painting has found a good home with a local Portlander.
The woman had contacted me through our Etsy Shop, saying that she lived very close to T.Ruth Artspace where i had my solo show up for 2+ months and that she thoroughly enjoyed seeing my artwork hung up on her daily walks. She said one night she had a powerful dream involving the "River Spirit", and after that really felt the need to buy the painting. Her boyfriend had the idea to buy the painting for her birthday but when he went to the gallery to buy it, it was soon after my solo show was taken down so my work was gone. Instead he bought her a bunch of my art prints through our shop. Still, she wanted the painting and ended up contacting me via etsy. I was able to hand deliver the painting, which was something special to be able to meet the buyer face to face. What a trip! This was very exciting and inspiring for me and has really only renewed and heightened my creative drive.

....I have felt like i have been seriously neglecting all of my various painting projects ever since i started working on my body painting/photography project. So i made sure to use the past 3 day weekend to get all caught up.
Last  touch ups on the Harpy painting

....and Yes! I managed to finish my Harpy painting finally!
Harpy in Babylon
Harpy in Babylon
14"x14" original acrylic painting
by Chelsea Rose
.....This painting went through a lot of changes during the creative process. if you are interested to see its metamorphosis you can check out the process pictures i store in my "Works on Progress" set on flickr, just click HERE.
...Otherwise I did some more work on the Wood's Man cloak i am painting for my friend. I should be finished with it by the end of this month i believe. This will be my first fabric painting project so i am interested to see how it turns out.

I also worked on starting up a new painting based on this illustration:
Queen of the Bog Lilly
...So far i have painted the background purple and projected/transferred the illustration onto the canvas( size 14"x14"). When i get home today i will begin my first experimentation with filling the drawing in with color. Hopefully i can find the time to take a quick picture to document the creative process on this piece too.

.....In other news Danny has pumped out a new t-shirt screen print:
"blue laughing Buddha" screen print
Check out our etsy shop listings: for Him or for Her - now selling for $20
Still in print! please do not hesitate to place an order in your size. If you request it, we will print it.

....I have much more to share but in an effort to keep my posts not excruciatingly long i will stop right here.

Peace and Love for the New year to you all!
Much love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Your dreads are looking great :) That is how I found your blog and your etsy shop....the wonderful magic of dreads!

    Glad to hear that your art is doing so well! Happy new year!

  2. Kelly,

    Yayy for dread locks!! So glad you found me. You write a great blog yourself!
    Thanks so much for your kind words.
    Happy New year and many blessings,
    -Chelsea Rose

  3. gorgeous work! i can't draw, so i'm always in awe of artists.

  4. Angelina,
    Thanks for your words! No worries, i saw on your profile that you sew- i am horrible at that and wish so much to make all sorts of crazy corsets. So i suppose we can both be in awe of each other!
    Thanks very much for checking out my blog.
    best wishes,
    -Chelsea Rose