Monday, February 15, 2010

Finished paintings, wonderful art events, failed experiments and more

So, this weekend I managed to finish the painting I have been working on:
the Reckoning
"the Reckoning"
original acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose

I guess I managed to paint this piece in lil over a week.
Check out some other snapshots from the creative process:
work in progress shot
(roughed out the background)
Work in Progress shot
(outlined the main creature/subject)

painting at home
(working on adding color to the creature and putting a posse of like creatures behind the main subject)
....its fun to document the creative process and be able to look back and see the artwork at its various stages. i think this has helped me really form a great procedure for pumping out artwork from my heart.

In other news Danny and I attended the 5th annual Portland Love Show artist reception on Friday night. There was over 350 artists who ended up participating and so it was really a site to see- sooooo much artwork everywhere! It was really amazing to see materialize into a show. The gallery where the artwork is hung is called the Olympic Mills Commerce center( 107 SE Washington st.) and the place was huge!!

here is Danny hanging out with his love show submission. His is the white mandala over blue and purple watercolor. I think the wall that his artwork was on was probably my favorite wall. He shared it with some pretty psychedelic/spiritual artwork, not to mention two mermaid pieces that i loved!

This is a shot Danny took of our collaboration piece- which is one of the body painting shoots from my photo shoot that Danny artfully photo shopped and colored.
see it big here.

Unfortunately my Love thy self painting was put into the explicit section of the love show which i think undermined and misrepresented the intent of the art and its truth. I didnt even know they were singling out artwork to be displayed separately and i was uneasy with the idea of my faery/goddess painting being hung along some of the art that was highly sexual.
i talked to Ben Pink the gallery director of LaunchPad and he was really understanding and helpful with everything. Im waiting to hear back whether or not they can move the piece to a different location.
crossin my fingers.
...just has made me think a lot about censorship lately, that of the naked human body. it think its important to take a critical look at society and the things it has named taboo. Its so strange that in this society violence is much more accepted in our mainstream media & art vs nudity & love. i think its time to reexamine ourselves, our beliefs and our comfort zones and get to the heart of things.

one step forward,
two step backward,
down inna Babylon

as far as valentines day goes:
Love thy Self
Know thy Self

Danny sold three out of the 5 pieces he had hung in the Culture Control show! Not bad at all for his first time displaying his artwork in an art show. He is already on his way to creating a bunch of new work and we are really having a wonderful time participating in the local art events.

It was perfectly wonderful fun to drive to Vancouver on Sunday and hang in the new art space ....The Space, fueled wonderfully by some of the amazing artists of Guerrilla-Media. It really was a treat to paint/create with such a wonderful art family.

Much love,
-Chelsea Rose

Oh! and for those of you who were wondering. I didnt end up doing a body painting/photo shoot on Saturday. I had my model cancel. Hoping to make up for that this coming weekend on the 20th.


  1. Its so strange that in this society violence is much more accepted in our mainstream media and art vs nudity and love. i think its time to reexamine ourselves, our beliefs and our comforter zones and get to the heart of things.

    Well said.

  2. i really like the boldness and the surrealism reflected in your painting. the color contrasts are awesome, so is the overall composition. i love seeing bold lines in paintings, for me they reflect how daring the artist is. shortly said, i really like the attitude of your painting, Chelsea!

    i love the heart craft showcased in the show, too. both you and Danny are great artists. i'd love to see more of you guys' works! :)

  3. I love how that painting turned out, and that you showed the process as well! I briefly lived in Portland, but I am back in Albuquerque now. That looks like it was an awesome art show!

  4. First word from my mouth: "Wow." You're work is awe-inspiring. Second thought, "How is your posy nymph "explicit?"" Ah, to be censored for showing loving, organic form!

  5. Vinda, thanks so much for your kind words and support! Danny and I are really working on being creative and productive beings so i am sure there will be lots more art to see soon :)

    Glad you liked seeing the creative process. I personally LOVE getting to take inside peaks into the creative process of other artists. i also love seeing creative spaces/studios too.
    the Portland love show was wonderful! i cant wait to see how to manifests next year.
    Renee of the Fae,
    Thank you so much! and as far as you question goes " how is your posy nymph 'explicit'?" well...i asked that question yesterday. it appears that the person in charge of pulling artwork to be put into the explicit section thought that my Posy Nymph was...well..TOUCHING HERSELF! pretty bizarre interpretation of an innocent faery goddess huh?
    i had also re titled the piece for the love show to be "love thy self"...apparently people have some dirty minds. i had no sexual intention in that artwork what so ever. ah well.
    Ben Pink the curator was really understanding. I’m still waiting to hear if he got the Ok to move it out of the explicit section.
    Thanks so much for your support!!!!

  6. I enjoy seeing your creative process. Its great to see your art going out into the world too and challenging the world! I have often thought how some people make nudity twisted and taboo instead of looking at its beauty. I enjoy drawing and sculpting nudes and am saddened that some think its 'dirty'. I hope that your artwork can be moved to a different section. Nudes rule!

  7. LRC- yea. its a shame that nudity has to be looked upon with shame for some people and organizations.
    However i am happy to say they did take my painting from that explicit section and put it onto one of the main walls.
    so yay!!
    sometimes you have to stick to your guns.

  8. I really love your new painting! I'm glad your painting at the show was moved from the explicit section. I don't get why people can't make the distinction. It truly is ridiculous.