Thursday, February 4, 2010

Up coming art shows, new water color painting and another body painting shot

This is going to be a busy month!

This Friday is the opening artist reception of the annual Myth and Legend art show in Vancouver Washington:
Myth and Legend art show

I have three pieces in this group show!

Myth and Legend
February 5-27, 2010
Artist Reception First Friday February 5. 5-9pm
North Bank Gallery
1005 Main st.
Vancouver, WA 98660
11:30am-430:00p Tues-sat

.....I don't know what to expect really but i am in absolute love with the art on the show post card! Not to mention its in Vancouver WA ( about 20 mins away from us in Portland, Oregon) which is where i am starting to recognize and become a part of some amazing independent art groups and events.

and then both Danny and I have a piece in this show coming up this month too:

The 5th Annual Portland Love Show
Work by Over 300 Artists about All Different Types of Love
February 12th - March 13th, 2010
February 12th, 2010
Free! All-Ages!
Olympic Mills Commerce Center

.....So i am putting in one of my paintings( posy nymph) and Danny is putting in one of his Mandala paintings. We also submitted one of the black white and red body painting shots from my shoot "Your Body is Your Temple" under our Lucid Optic Lab shop name.

So yay for group shows and finally getting more and more active in our local art communities and happenings.

Meanwhile, I have three new body painting/photo shoots each booked for the next three Saturdays! Yikes!
...i cant wait till i have this body painting project done. After two more shoots i will begin on the second half of this project which will be painting white paint on dark skin. I have my first dark model to paint Feb. 20th- cant wait to see how that comes out. I am still un sure of whether or not i should be photographing my dark models in front of the black back drop as you see in the photos i have already from the project, or if i should switch to white in hopes of making them contrast more. Like i said....gonna have to experiment a bit which is always the most fun anyhow.

I wanted to share a water color painting i did last weekend while i was in Southern Oregon on the Wolf Creek Sanctuary land visiting dear friends Wonder and TJ:
(Original watercolor painting by Chelsea Rose )
....After a nice long hike up to the sun alter with our Drums, into the heights of the wood Danny and I returned to Wonder's lovely RV named Soma. By the time we made it in, the woods were super wet and chilly and so were we. We hung out in Soma, changed into dry clothes and decided to rest up a bit. I ended up pulling out my Prang water color set and had an amazing time absentmindedly painting this piece while listing to the rain pelt the roof. Found memories indeed. I dont know what it is about that piece of land but its extremely inspiring. I would love to set up a lil painting studio in the back of the big barn( which is sorta being used as a supply room right now but has lots of nice big windows that look into the creek bed) and paint for a week or two in there. yes!! maybe someday when i can afford the time off from work.

....Yesterday Danny and I went to the art store to stock up on supplies. i was running super low on canvas and we also had to get hanging kits to set up our pieces for the love show art submission. last night i got a lot of painting done and i think i shall soon have a new painting to show everyone based off of this pen and ink i did awhile ago:
(original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose ) stay tuned for that and much more to come.

Today is first thursday- meaning there will be a tun of art openings tonight all around town. So danny and I are planning on hoppin around and checkin out whats what! I am hoping to find some more local inspiration make some more community connections and enjoy the night. Wish us luck.

So, best wishes to all.

Peace n Love,
-Chelsea Rose

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