Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love show Redemption and more

Last night I got a call around 8:00pm from Ben Pink the Gallery Director for Launch Pad. He let me know that he was able to get my painting taken out of the explicit section of the 5th Annual Portland Love Show and hung elsewhere around the main walls. I am so happy to know this! I am curious to see where it ended up hanging. Maybe Danny and I will go venture over there soon so we can take a peak. But its VERY good news. and i really appreciate the help and support i received from Ben Pink. I hope he didn't have to go through too much to move my painting.

Also i wanted to share some photos that Anni Becker( an amazing photographer + artist and absolute sweet heart!!) took of Danny and I when we visited The Space, art collective in Vancouver WA:

I talked briefly about visiting The Space in my last blog but i felt i wanted to say a bit more.
We visited The Space on Valentines day. There were home made cup cakes, lots of friendly smiles, good vibes and art creating all around. Danny and I went in and we were introduced to the "community art supplies section." We then grabbed pieces of card board which we painted with tempera while talking and hanging out with Anni and Kelly as well as the other amazing artists in the space. it was so uplifting and cozy. I'm so glad that places like The Space exist! They just opened up and so we were able to come and have a peak at the space they have and envision with them all the awesomeness that can be done with the studio. Its a work in progress, but it already feels like home.
After we were done there Danny and I drove back over to our neck of the woods to participate in another Wisdom Circle at T.Ruth Artspace.
Its really wonderful that we have managed to find such amazing communities to partake and be a part of up here. I cant wait to see where all of this leads to because i am already seeing the changes within my self and my artwork.
Im waiting for the last of the chill to dissipate so that we can begin to participate in the Last Thursday art walks again. Danny and I have been creating like mad so we should have plenty of new stuff to show come time.
As for my show in April at In Other Words Bookstore so far i have painted a total of 6 new paintings that i will be able to show alongside the rest of my work. I last night i started a new painting. Process pictures will be shared soon! I have also been approached to put in a few pieces for a show in April called Every Day Magic- more details soon to follow!

Best wishes and much love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Hooray! Congratulations on the move! *^_^*

  2. Wow. Googling tie-dye was probably the best thing I've done this year. Only problem now is I'll be occupied going through this whole blog for about a week or so.. Oh well. Worth the time spent, I'd say. Love it.