Friday, February 12, 2010

So Glad it is Friday! Painting progress and plans for the weekend

Its Friday which means I survived the work week without turning into a puddle of uninspired meat and bones. Yay!
...Oh yea, and I am almost done with the painting i have been working on:
painting at home
This is a photo that Danny took of me last night as i was starting to paint the Fish of Perception's posse behind her in the water. In the end i ended up with three eyes coming out of the waves to the right and then one eye just barely emerging from the surface of the water on the left. I think i should be able to finish up the painting this weekend. i just need to go over everything with a extra bit of color and highlight to make it pop a bit more. Once i am done with that i will do the varnishing and take some pics to share.
In this photo i am wearing my new head band that i got in the mail yesterday. I traded for it on etsy with Baahar. She is in Austria and she hand makes all sorts of lovely head bands, scarves and beanies. check out her etsy shop here!
Also, enter the GiveAway that Baahar is putting on in her blog! Its called : Give Hope, a giveaway for Haiti

So yea...plans for today would be to stop by the 5th Annual Portland Love art show because its opening night! Danny and I have a few pieces in the show as do some friends. I heard that there are over 350 artists with work in the show so its going to be a monstrous show and i bet the opening is gonna be crammed like sardines in a can. Should be interesting!

Then tomorrow i will be doing another body painting photo shoot session at T.Ruth Artspace gallery(2403 NW Thurman st) in Portland Oregon. This one should be interesting because i will be painting and photographing a darker African American woman thus i get to experiment with using white paint instead of black. im sooo ready for a change with this project thus i am really looking forward to this shoot! If you are in the area, feel free to drop by. We will be hanging out painting and photographing from 10:00am to 5pm! And at T.Ruth artspace there is always all sorts of interesting art to look at as well as complementary yummy hot tea and goodies : )

Hope everyone has a wondrous weekend. Try not to be the good lil worker bees and make a big consumerist deal out of Valentines day :)

-Chelsea Rose

much love to all my new followers. your support is greatly appreciated!!


  1. I am very glad it is friday too! I love how your painting is coming along.

  2. Thanks so much Erica! Happy Friday, indeed.

  3. Wow, your latest painting is fantastic! Very inspiring stuff.

  4. hi Chelsea, glad i found your blog, too! you're a very talented artists with cool works. i really like the one you're currently working on (in the snapshot) and the body painting is RAD! i'm amazed. you're very good at it!

    following you back! :)

  5. your style is amazing, so evocative - I'm glad I found your art :)

  6. I'm so glad you stumbled onto my blog so I could stumble back onto yours. You're work is rocking my face off, especially the body painting photography. I can't wait to see the newest one!