Monday, February 1, 2010

A much needed break from routine

Danny and I got back from southern Oregon around 6pm last night.
We took a drive down to Wolf Creek, Oregon to visit some dear friends who have recently made the plunge into natural, woodsy living straight from busy city lives.
Wolf creek is about a 4 hour drive away but each time we make the trip we are re familiarised with just how wonderfully healing a break from routine can be.

As some may recall, i have been working on what i have called Wonder's Woodsman cloak. This was a commission from my friend Wonder who is now living in Wolf creek.
I had not actually finished the cloak in time so i spent a few hours of our stay painting the finishing touches on in the back of the land's big barn.
here ya go, modeled by Wonder himself:
Wonder in his Green Man coat
(full view this image to see the detail)
....this cloak started out like this:
Wonder's Woodsman cloak
This was my first fabric painting project ever. I actually painted down a foundation of white screen print paint since the canvas coat was so dark. This really helped the fabric paint pop and be vibrant. I was using Lumiere metallic acrylic paint for the entire coat. I really loved those paints and their shimmery vibrancy, however i was disappointed to realize you couldn't really cross blend colors( they got kinda muddy looking)...which is true for a lot of metallic and specialty paint. I still managed though.
This project has made me think about buying canvas tote bags to do painting work on. I may also start making some patches too! ( do you think that sorta stuff would sell?)
we shall see.

The land we visited is owned my Nomenus which holds a non profit church status and is known as the home base for the Radical Faerie movement. Danny and I have been on the land a few other different times during big gatherings( such as Beltane and Samhain) so it was quite a different experience to walk the land when there was only 15 people about vs 100+. and it was sooo very soothing!
wolf creek
In the mornings Danny and I would get up and take hikes on the various trails around the land. Our favorite spot is called the sun alter. Its a semi vigorous uphill hike that ends on a high up rock and tree grove shelf where you can look out on the expanse of land below while being up high amidst the misty pine tree line. Its the perfect place to bring a drum- the earth and the air pulsate with each beat and the mist in the tree lines seem to dance and weave in gracefull sweeping response!
But when the crisp chill and the misty wet started to sink in the bones we would make our way to the heart of the sanctuary which was garden house.
wolf creek
(my favorite place to sit and drink tea in the garden house...gazing out toward the fields and the trees)
There you would find the wood furnace ablaze with a bunch of happy faeries within drinking tea, baking treats, conversating, singing, dancing, and playing. However during out stay the land was having its bi-annual meetings so it was largely all business( which was a big change from what we normally see there!). Everyone on the land but Danny and I were held up in the library via conference call with SF hashing out the plans for the faerie lands, projects, new rules, bright ideas and much more. It was both intriguing and inspiring to see an independent community at work.
Plus, the land was left entirly to us! and it was such a treat to roam.
wolf creek it was wonderful to run away to the wild woods of southern Oregon. Now we are back in Portland at work.....but we will be back on the land to play, most certainly.

There is a lot to get done this week. Danny and I have to submit our artwork for the Myths and Legends show as well as the 5th Annual Portland Love show.

Ontop of that this weekend i have my 4th body painting photo shoot to do!
If you are in Portland Oregon this weekend feel free to drop by T.Ruth Artspace(2403 NW Thurman , Portland Or 97210) this Saturday. I will be in the art gallery painting a model from head to toe starting at 10am-ending at 5pm. Come on in, see the process and check out the artwork on display at t.ruth artspace gallery. I believe there will be free hot coco for all!

Hope to see you there!

Peace n Love to all,
-Chelsea Rose

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  1. Wow, the cloak turned out beautifully! I hope Wonder was pleased with it. You certainly have been busy! It would be wonderful to travel to that land. Actually, I'd be happy to travel anywhere where there isn't four feet of snow and ice. I can't wait to see how your next body painting goes!