Friday, April 1, 2011

New Pen and Ink Drawings

Its April already? In Portland we broke the 60 degree mark for the 1st time yesterday. Still feels like winter to me! Thus in the evenings I am still tucking myself in a lot, puttin on a good movie and drawing.

Here are some recents:

Do you like my Fancy Hat?

"Do You Like My Fancy Hat?"

original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose

Goddess of the Fields

"Goddess Of the Fields"

Original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose

In other news, I shall be selling my art this weekend at the Portland Saturday Market. If you are in town, come on down and say hi!

Peace n Love, -Chelsea Rose

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  1. We have yet to hit the 60 degree I'm glad I got a glimpse of summer while in San Diego last week. Such is life in rainy Washington! Cool new sketches and I hope the Saturday Market goes well and isn't too wet.