Monday, April 11, 2011

Painting progress on "Mistress and the Orb"

Hi! I had a fun weekend. How bout you?

Saturday was spent downtown, vending my art at the Portland Saturday Market. I was very very pleased that there was no rain for the day, yay! I brought along my current "work in progress" painting and got a lot done on it, check it out:
work in progress
Its not done yet....but getting very close. Not only did it give me something to do while sitting there from 10-5...painting live in my booth drew a lot of interest from the crowd. people were very excited to see some art in progress and i had fun talking with them about my mediums, my process and my inspirations. I think I will have to bring something to paint more often when I am down there, it was so much fun!

People at the market seemed very much drawn to "The Mistress and the Orb" and were asking if they could buy a print of her...thus I have decided to release prints of the original pen and ink drawing for sale:

Mistress and the Orb

5"x7" High quality digital print

Original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose

On sale for $7.

Click here to buy.

And now for some super awesome amazingness:

sri yantra ebru

"Sri Yantra Ebru"

original 100%handmade four layer acrylic and ink ebru(turkish paper marbling) monoprint on kozo paper by Danny Rodriguez.

He contuies to amazing me each time he does a new Ebru project. Interested to see what he will make next.

But It isnt always all work, work, create, work...I swear! On Sunday we made it a point to not get out of bed until 10:00am, and that felt great. Despite sleeping in I got all my house chores done including cleaning our patio out and planting some morning glory seeds(I know some people consider them a weed but they are my fave flower!) Today after work I intend to go on the hunt for some various flower seeds + basil and chamomile seeds. I think i need some more soil also. I am looking forward to some warmer weather so that I can hang out on my patio again, drink, tea, play with my cat and read some books. I have a small lil space to grow things but i try to utlize it anyhow.

Here are some photos from last years lil patio garden:
One summer evening
summer patio garden Morning glories Home grown Basil

So, have you begun your garden yet? If so what are you planting?

Much love and light,

-Chelsea Rose


  1. The mistress and the orb is looking fantastic :-) As for my garden i have half dug the veggie plot and planted some gourd seeds, sweet cabbage seeds,runner bean seeds and some parsley in the green house. Also had a big burn up of garden rubbish in the evening .

  2. I love the progress of your painting and I have been painting live for a year and it does bring a crowd. I remember once a bidding war started to take place over a piece I was working on. I hope it works to your advantage. I personally can't wait to own one of your originals they are so full of life and I love your use of color.
    As for my garden I just started turning the ground over for good soil. This weekend I'll be mixing in my compost into the soil. I haven't decided on the flowers yet but I plan to do lots of veggies.
    Sorry for such a long post. Peace and Blessings.

  3. Its very cool that you got such a reaction from people at the market! Congrats! I think that it is the vibrancy you put into your art. Gardening-wise, I will probably plant tomatoes in my topsy turvy thing that I hang out of our apartment window to catch all of the sun it can from the brick wall. I would like to grow something else too but what? I love what you've done with your balcony space; it is a challenge growing in an apartment.