Friday, April 22, 2011

Mistress And The Orb original acrylic painting + time lapse video of creation

We made it to the end of the week and I am rather excited to share with you my newest acrylic painting:
Mistress and the Orb
"Mistress and the Orb"
22" x 28"
original acrylic painting on stretched canvas
by Chelsea Rose

...I hope she speaks to you as she does to me :)
I had a wonderful journey in the process of creation with this one and i am very pleased to be able to share it with you via this time lapse video taken over a period of a few weeks as i painted her:

(music: "Words From a Predecessor"feat. Chelsea Rose and her spoken word poetry provided by: Bone And All )

And here are some photos from the creative process:
Mistress and the Orb original concept drawing( pen and ink)

Orb work in progress
....beginning the background

Orb work in progress India ink outline applied over the background

Orb- work in progress
...the beginning stages of laying down the first layers of color.

So thats that! I will be offering 8"x10" full color giclee prints of her very soon, so keep an eye out for them.

In the meantime, check out what my better half has been up to:
ebru pyramids
original handmade two layer acrylic ebru(turkish paper marbling) mono-print with a screen print on kozo paper by Danny.

and another groovy time lapse video of his Ebru paper marbling process, seen from below and under water:

Pretty crazy, no?

Anyhoo, what are your plans for the weekend?
I will be selling my art at the Portland Saturday Market and would love to see you there! And on Sunday I will be selling my art at that HPLoveCraft themed bar and tea house I was telling you about. I will be participating their monthly "dark arts" art fair. Come stop in, say hi and enjoy some local art over a nice pot of tea!

Love and Light,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Well the mistress and the orb is just fantastic! Loved watching the process unfold, you dreads are looking amazing too :-)

  2. Very cool time-lapse video, I always enjoy seeing the process of art making. She is fabulous! I could get lost in her hair!

  3. I love your paintings! Especially that you filmed the process. Lately I've been fascinated by the effect filming myself drawing has on the outcome of the picture. So this post really intrigues me. Not to mention the piece is fantastic!


  4. Thanks very much for the kind words!
    Video is so much fun! Excited to do more with the medium.