Monday, April 18, 2011

The Market and other news

I had a good day at the Portland Saturday Market this past weekend. Here are some photos of the booth set up:
Portland Saturday Market 04/16/11
This is the Body art photography side of my booth

Portland Saturday Market 04/16/11
and this is the Acrylic painting side of my booth. I am still trying to figure out which is the best way to set up my 6'x6' square area, I imagine its going to take me awhile to figure this out.

This weekend I will be doing the Portland Saturday Market on Saturday and on Sunday I will be at The Lovecraft bar doing their monthly "dark arts" Lovecraft fair. For those of you who love HP Lovecraft's strange novels and short stories, you'll love this bar and tea house inspired by the man's vision! If you are in Portland come check it out, take in some tea or somethin a lil harder and visit my booth!

I am also excited about next week because, if the weather proves decent enough, I will be selling at Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta street! So...all sorts of art vending plans are on the rise.

Meanwhile, I am still working on finishing my "Mistress and the Orb" piece...I imagine she will be all done in a day or two. i will then post a time lapse video of her creation :)

Much peace love and light!

-Chelsea Rose

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  1. The Lovecraft tea house and fair sound intriguing, I'll have to check out the tea house some time when we are in Portland. Congrats on your lovely booth! It does seem to take time to figure out the right flow to a booth...much luck and love!