Monday, April 25, 2011

Dark Arts craft fair at The Lovecraft Bar

Good day!
Well, in all actuality its a dreary day over here in Portland Oregon complete with hard rain and fast wind. However we did get a break from that mess on Saturday. The sunshine was out full force for what felt like the 1st time this year. It made for a fun and successful day selling my art at the Portland Saturday Market.

On Sunday I tried something new. I set up a lil booth inside a local bar and tea house called The Lovecraft bar( yes! its themed after the famous scifi/horror writer HP Lovecraft!) and sold my work at their monthly "dark arts" craft fair.
A photo from the expeirnce:
Dark Arts craft fair at The Lovecraft bar
(sorry for the photo quality. It was quite dark inside and we didnt have our tripod.)
....I had a blessed time! It was back to raining outside on Sunday so i was very happy to be tucked nicley indoors selling my work, with a nice big pot of tea at hand and plenty of other intersting local artists to meet and chat with. What was really engouraing is i sold very well! I had my best art vending day of the year thus far inside the bar. I really felt like the poeple who were walking in the door were my target audicence, and thus we were a good match for eachother :) I cant wait to do the event again!
...and of course, since i will take almost any opperunity to dress up a lil...this is what i wore for the "dark arts" craft fair:
What I wore today
You cant really tell in this photo but this lace dress is actually two shades of dark green. I found the dress a year ago at the Goodwill bins and bought it for less then a buck! Under the dress i am wearing a striped skirt that was gifted to me. On my head i wear my favoerite hat, which i bought at a renissance fair in California a few years back.

In other news...
I am excited to now be offering 8"x 10" art prints of my most recent acrylic painting:

"Mistress and the Orb" originla acrylic painting.
Get your 8"x10" Giclee art print of her for $15 here.
Speical offer for my blog followers: If you type "blog friend" in the notes field of your order I will add a surprise art piece inside the package for you!

How was your weekend?
Much love and light,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Glad you found you niche market and made a fist full of dollars! And i must say you look stunning in you outfit :-)

  2. I'm not surprised you did well. I see a brilliant future for you and your art...Congrats on a good weekend and a lovely pot of tea!

  3. hey! would just like to say that I love your inspirational psychaelic art and eccentric fashion sense! Good wishes from me to you! x

  4. You really have the most amazing dreads...