Friday, February 20, 2009

Art Vending season is already here!

So its February. The sun is peaking out more up here in Portland. One can already feel spring on its way. The first Saturday Market in downtown Portland of the year is this weekend. I don't have my vendor application in yet unfortunately. The Saturday market requires a business license but i found out that if you make less then x amount of money per year you can fill out a business license exemption form. I have all the forms printed out, now the hard part is filling them in. I really hate tax forms and all that nonsense....but we shall over come! Danny and I have decided to try out the Saturday market on Sundays because this way you can avoid the monthly member fees. So we plan to go on Sunday and see what the market looks like on its first day back so we have a better idea of what to prepare for/bring/expect when we do vend. Last Thursday art walk on Alberta street starts in March...its all happening! So i am feverishly finishing up all my little art projects and printing off some prints of all my new drawings and paintings. Danny is getting ready to burn some screens for silkscreen printing. We thought it would be super neat if we were also selling screen prints and not just inkjet prints.
So far we hit the ground running for this year. We are already at 15 sales on our etsy account and we are working on a logo design for Mama's Herbal Soaps: So far we have two logo options for her and we are working on the colored versions for her approval. One of the logos is based around a mermaid illustration that i did. Its a very circular shape and i am contemplating perhaps getting it tattooed on one of my shoulders or the nape of my neck cuz i love it so much!
So thats what is going on in my world.
Here is some dready journey news:
the DreadCam
Thats all for now folks!

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