Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New prints are available for sale!

So, thanks to the scanner I purchased recently( I used money on a gift card my Aunt Linda had given me for Christmas, THANKS AUNT LINDA!) Danny and I have scanned in a bunch of new pen and ink drawings that we can now offer up for sale as prints. here are a few raw samples of what will be our new prints:

The Debutante

pandimensional kitten-head



....and there is much more to come! Many of these drawings here are yet to be finished/touched up but Danny is working on all that for me. We sell 5x7 prints for $7 and 8x10 for $15. We have also just begun doing some framing of prints and originals, we should have that all set and ready for purchase come our first art/craft fair of the season. Its all coming together! For now a few of these prints have already been released on our ETSY store:
What is super exciting is that Danny has begun a new round of silkscreening so we should have some new silk screen t-shirts up for sale + limited edition framed and signed screenprints.
So, keep checking back for newly released items!


  1. Chelsea, wow, your talent in illustration has become so refined, so delicate. You have such an intuitive sense of line and rhythm. It would be amazing if you would build drawings like these into scenes and scapes with figures interacting. I also imagine you creating your own line of coloring books, there are so many little spaces to color, it would be like getting lost in a coloring dream! Laura

  2. Thanks so much! I can see the difference between my drawing/illustrations of now Compared to my old, from years ago...I do feel I am grasping my own set style and rhythm. Pen and ink is certainly my favorite medium right now. I would really like to begin integrating more atmosphere/scape/interaction like you say...
    and, coloring books would be way fun...great idea!