Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Discovery: Crocheting Dreadlock method.

Its day 12 of my dready journey and look at how nice and thick i have got them....within less then two weeks and i owe it all to one little tool: the Crochet needle! Crocheting my Dreads! Day 10
Upon watching this youtube video:
i learned the method of dreading by crochet needle. Using a very thin crocheting needle you start an inch away from the roots and just rapidly poke in and out of a lock of hair while turning/rolling every so often and it creates the most meaty/thick and tight dreads practically instantly. It works like sorcery i tell you....see how different my dreads are? they feel meaty and mature...its crazy really. I had danny do them...he did them very well. they are so tight and secure. It takes a long time though 30-60 minutes per dread. So far i only have 6 done. i love that you can completely ditch your rubber bands once you do a dread with this method. Michaels has the needles for $3.49. i am using crocheting needle size 12/1.00mm you might be able to use a bit larger of a needle if you have thicker/rougher hair but for those with very thin caucasian hair like mine i recommend the smaller crocheting needles


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  2. hi... hope no bother with my comment...i really like you art.... actually i like do stuff with recycle material...but well..the reason that im because..i want to know if u do the dreadlocks o if do you know somebody that does that...cuz i relly want to get my dreadlock ... but i want somebody knows how to do it witout wax, but using the crochet hooks....hope you can help me ....peace..and thanks
    here my email addres