Friday, February 13, 2009

My partner in crime( not really...more like partner in LOVE)

This is a snapshot i took of Danny( )
Danny my zigwomp-LOVE
Danny is the other half of Lucid Optic lab...certainly the brains of our lil company. He is my voice of reason and perhaps my much needed vain of sanity and i feel that i don't show him often enough how much i appreciate his presence in my life.
In the picture above he is modeling a shirt he Tie-Dyed that is now on sale in our etsy shop( ). Isn’t he handsome? He has been working a lot on making very beautiful, psychedelic music on his computer. It seems he is using a program that allows him to layer sound clips together + add percussion which he works out on his keyboard or records his own live drumming on the djembe drums we have in the house. He is averaging three songs a week now...just bustin them out left and right. Hopefully sometime soon I can get him to set up a music myspace page so that he can share the music he is makin. Now that we are pretty much finished settling in Portland Oregon he is gearing up to start screen printing again, so that means he is off to the art store to buy some new screens and ink. Right now we are working together to push out a finished logo for Mama's Herbal Soups: i cant wait to show off the finished design piece its already looking wonderful.So we are certainly busy, but its the good sort of busy!
We made our 11th sale on etsy and it was an inkwashed card/print that he made of his knome graphic that we also have screen printed on t-shirts. Here is the print that we sold from our etsy store on 2-8-09: gnome2
Yay for etsy and thank you to our valued customers. I cant tell you how excited we both get when we make a sale. it feels great to have our artwork supported/appreciated. I think especially in this time in the world its important to focus on keeping art/the appreciation of art alive and one of the best ways of doing that is by supporting your local/global artists!

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