Friday, February 27, 2009

17th sale on etsy today!

So I have been successful in surviving the week and today Lucid Optic Lab made our 16th and 17th sale on etsy today! Below are the items purchased:Jelly brained one of the items purchased today was this 8x10 print of one of my mixed media/digital collage creatures that I made by scanning in drawings of mine and layering them over photographs in photoshop. This is the second time someone has purchased this print from my etsy store and one of the more popular prints that we tend to sell more of at art/craft fairs
Blue Daisy Faery
This was the other sale for today. Its a 6"6" original acrylic + pen and ink painting of mine that is part of the "Cosmic Maiden" series. Now that I have sold that painting I only have 3 left out of the series:Cosmic Maidens series( click the image to full view it) The other one that i sold a few weeks back is the Long vertical green one on the right named "The Faery Sprout woman."
I am so happy that our etsy sales are picking up. It is such a rush when i realize we have made a sale. I cant even begin to explain how much I appreciate the support, or how much the exchange inspires me to create more. Danny and I were talking about expanding our presence online. This weekend we plan on opening up a store on, ebay,, creating a twitter account, a live journal account, and hopefully many other sites. This will help expose our art, tie dye, silk screenings to more people, hopefully increases interest/productivity. Marketing really isnt my strong point, but im learning a thing or two.

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