Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dready Journey Day 16

So its Dready Journey day 16.
Dready Journey Day 16
Today i went to meet Stephanie: She was super sweet and totally interesting. She did an amazing job on my locks using the crocheting method. I cant believe how quickly she finished off my head. I came in to see her with only the top 7 done and within an hour and 45 minutes she had all the dreads in place. It felt like only 15 minutes because she was super fun to talk to. I highly recommend to any dread head who happens to live in Portland to call Stephanie and make an appointment for some dread maintenance.!She did seem very impressed by the 7 that Danny did for me. The dreads should loosen up in a week or two and probably get pretty fuzztastic but in a way stray hair is good because it hides the less occupied areas of the head. Luckily Stephanie said there is little to no shrinking that happens with this method or else in a month i might of had chin length fatty dreads. I enjoy how individual each dread is with its loops and thicknesses an kinks and such. I cant wait to begin putting beads and charms in. i am so loving having dread locks.

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