Friday, January 29, 2010

New drawings and a poem

I wanted to share:

She is Loopy
"Tentacle Skater"
Original pen and ink drawing
by Chelsea Rose

Dread Goddess
"the Dread Goddess"
Original pen and ink drawing
by Chelsea Rose

Both of these were drawn a few months ago. I happened to be flipping through my sketch book last night and realized i never scanned or posted these ones for some reason. I am pretty sure "the Dread Goddess" will end up my next big painting piece.

.....and this morning i wrote this:

Reflections I seek, holding a pen in the hallow sting of sun,
waiting for the assumption of truth to flow and scribe.
waiting for that revelation of inner creeping to speak in simple whispers
with all the tenacious infirmity that is needed for the dispelling of shadow and riddle.
With enveloping and erotic emergence the nimble stem work of my cellular forecast must collage a sense of things.
Even as these indefinite species of spirit haunt and flaunt as a billowing mass of mischievous proof
they toy and breed a sense of feathery benevolence, flirting with prescribed succulence in doses of clairsentience.
And these melting phantasms with eyes like flowering oracles depict a venomous antidote for the spoils of fear.
The cure and its incisors force the wind from the flesh till I am taken and pealed pink, fully frothing and frivolous in dreams.
These embryonic fabrics become the very ink, penned with infection as the loops of the collective dichotomy of truth revealed.
And so the substance of heaven, it drips wildly as the mind and its gestation is readily handed from glandular gate keepers to the swallowing scope of The Greatest .
And THEY know me, just as they shelter the humming mother of creation.
These eternal kernels of sprite, they laugh with weightless heroic and languish and solder anew with the ruminants of our ephemeral muscle and bone.
And so the master maker with magician hands enveloped in rippling forever holds a seed in each tendril,
barking with wild vocation the Immaterial into fires of liberation.
And so the frown is now held from upside down in callused consignment,
its foggy relevance protruding with agile sanctum, always embedding always replicating.
And in a single fracture, molten and quivering the tranquilly erodes down the galloping veins of this elusive majesty
Where we ourselves will always be strangers grown thick with the pregnant sap of chaos
As goading thoughtlessness is milked like honey, graduating with the sliver of the morning.
The lids of the guardian at the gate hold fast as these breaths reiterate an endless cycle worn thin with the supposing of definition.
And with the total sigh of serenity, a note of pure ritual confides in the husk of my brimming void,
transferring a node of intimacy that is both binding and static
The seat of the spirit is unity.


Just felt like sharing.

a lil somethin else i wanted to share: a GIVE AWAY! that is dedicated to sending some posative vibes and actions to Haiti. might win a super awesome hand made head/dread band.

Have a wonderful weekend!
-Chelsea Rose


  1. I am in a poetic mood, too, oddly enough. Maybe it is the full moon looming on the horizon? Who knows. My poems are never as 'fairy-tale-esque' as that, though. Your poems paint pictures in the air as I read!!! Mine are always about broken hearts and tears and sorrow.

    Oh well, all of our differences make the world gorgeous!

    I like that your work brings beauty to the world.

    Have a happy weekend :)

  2. Kelly,
    as always, thanks for your words :)
    Perhaps it is the full moon coming that’s fueling all this poetry, not sure...but whatever it is its wonderful and filling me to the brim with serenade! and so it was a treat to hop over to your blog and have a poem to read too.
    Thank you, thank you!

  3. Wow, your Dread Goddess is STUNNING. I just love her.