Monday, March 1, 2010

Apparition of Truth- more body painting photos from the series

So its Monday and in many ways i feel like clawing my own eyes out, roasting them in garlic and feeding them to my cat. But i will refrain. I promise.
The weekend was wonderful. I did not have a body painting photo shoot lined up so i used my extra time wisely by working on my painting in process, getting things ready for the art fair seasons(next month!) and a lil bit of house cleaning and soul searching too.

I also released 2 more shots from my Apparition of Truth shoot with Wenseay:
Apparition of Truth
(body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Wenseay)

Apparition of Truth
(body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Wenseay)

My next shoot is lined up for the 13th. Should be fun!
....The more i have thought about turning this body painting project of mine into a series that i could show in a gallery, the more i realized how out of budget printing and framing all of these photographs would be. So, today on my way home im planning on stoppin by the library to see if they have any HOW TO books on Grant writing. That would be a great way to deal with the expenses of printing and framing all the photos from this body painting series. Its worth a shot, at least.

I have confirmed that i will be having my solo show in April at InOtherWords feminist book store. Which means i am kicking my butt into hyper gear to see how many more paintings i can produce before i have to begin the hanging.
Speaking of painting, danny took this photo over the weekend while i was fine tuning some of the details in the painting i am currently working on:
painting the sea witch
I should be done with this one in a day or two...whether i like it or not, it will be time to move on!

....oh! Did i mention i woke up on Saturday with a guttural need to find a yard sale? Well danny and i ended up finding one. It was small and the woman was mainly selling toddler clothes but look what i found in the free box:
my saturday bonnet
yes, i found this wicked cool Bonnet in a for free box! I love it. Its very sweet and simple with browns and yellows. It will be perfect to wear in the summer during the art fairs to keep my face out of the sun. Yay for bonnet love and free finds : )

Also, check out this Mandala painting that danny did over the weekend:
Anahata mandala
(water color and ink mandala painting by Danny)
i think this one is my fave out of the 6 that he has done so far. you can view the rest here.
Purple and green are my fave colors, especially when combined and i love the scale pattern that he used on this one. Cant wait to see what he does next with these Mandalas of his.

Yep, so we still have a lot of stuff to get done in time to the art fairs.
Busy busy.
Hope all is well with everyone.
Peace n Love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. The photographs turned out so well. I'm so happy that you liked the book. She's one of my favorite writers. You'd like her, "Book of Atrix Wolfe". It's more forest and forest creature/spirit themed. Grant writing may be a way to go. Otherwise, Mpix is an online site that prints large photos for pretty cheap. You could also consider alternate hanging devices. Like, mounting the photo on foamcore and making hangers for that. My boyfriend did this once. You attach foamcore to the whole photo. Then you take a smaller sheet of foamcore and cut it in half at a 45 degree angle. One piece you mount to the wall, the other piece you mount to the back of the large sheet of foamcore. Thus one will rest on the other.

  2. Someone on etsy pointed me towards regarding prints and those sorts of things. might want to check it out, i don't know how prices compare, because i havent really shopped around or gotten serious about putting my photos on canvas...not yet, at least.

    the body painting thing is huge. it is magnificent and it will go far.

  3. Those photographs are really amazing, and I think they would be a great gallery show! I also love your bonnet!

  4. Megan, i tried renting that book but my local library didn’t have it. I put in a request for it, i hope it arrives soon!
    Also thank you Megan and Kelly for tips on cheap photo printers. i will certainly check that stuff out.
    Erica, thanks for your kind words ;)