Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy Weekend: New Body painting photos and more

We had a super fun and busy weekend.
On Friday we went to the closing reception of the 5th annual Portland Love show where we ran into friends and enjoyed the evening. Turns out we sold the art piece that Danny and I put in under our collaboration name: Lucid Optic Lab.
Here is the snapshot of the piece hanging on the wall before it sold:
love show
Our piece is the black and white photograph with a dash of red in it. Its from the "Your Body is Your Temple" body painting session that I did a couple months ago.
You can see the piece by its self here.

Speaking of body painting, on Saturday I did another session!
This was my second White paint on Dark skin body painting:
Rebel Heiress
(body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Thierra )
Meet Thierra who is an aspiring clothing/wardrobe designer as well as a single mother of two. Her clothing label name is Rebel Heiress.
body painting in T.Ruth Artspace
I painted her in the loft of T.Ruth Artspace gallery
This time the body painting took a lot less time, we were all super surprised.
I suppose the more I do these body paintings the faster I will be able to bust them out.
We went down stairs and started photographing around 1:30pm and were done around 3:00pm.
After that Danny and I went home, cooked lunch and relaxed. These body paintings are so much fun but they seem to leave me exhausted. I have at least 3 more white paint on dark skin shoots that i need to complete before i an consider this project finished.
This coming weekend I have a black on light skin shoot with a wonderful local woman who has only one hand. She seems to have a super strong spirit and I cant wait to work with her!
More pictures will be coming soon!

On Sunday Danny and I did some chores and took a short hike up one of the forest park trails. When we got home we started working on art projects:
works in progress
here i am in my tiny home studio space, working on these pen and ink drawings that i have been doing ontop of acrylic painted canvas. I managed to prep a lot of surfaces for drawing on, so now i have a big pile that i need to begin to ink. In this photo you can see me working on one, going over my initial lines and adding more line weight and detail to the piece. Both the purple one i am working on and the blue cat pen and ink are a part of a custom order that i am filling.
full work table
Let me know if you'd like to have one of these made in a certain color with a perticular drawing of mine. I would be delighted to create one for you!

Danny has just released some more of his music under the project name Bone and All:
Masters of the Universal Mind
thats the cover art for this EP that he made for Bone and All "Masters of the Universal Mind LP "
If you are a fan of trippy, psychedelicness then youd love his musical concoctions.
Have a listen to his music at or downland and listen here

So thats about it.
When I get home today I will be listing some more tie dye in our etsy shop as well as listing some of the pen and ink drawings over acrylic that i finished over the weekend.
Also, stay tuned for more pictures from the latest body painting shoot.

Much love!
-Chelsea Rose


  1. I love your new canvas ink works. It so inventive! You've got me itching to do the same! What pens do you use on the treated canvas?

  2. MME, yay! i am using faber castell India ink pens to do the job.

  3. Wow, you're amazing! All that detail, and you make it look so effortless. I've never seen body art look so detailed and natural. It's like one huge tattoo!
    I love your philosophy and what you're all about, as well. Happy I found you on etsy! :)