Friday, March 5, 2010

The Sea Witch painting, my treasure map and another body painting photo

This week went by oddly fast.
I did manage to finish the painting i have been working for over two weeks now:
Sea Witch
original acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose
this image is a bit dark( im not the best color corrector. thats danny's expertise) but i wanted to share. A better quality photograph will be produced soon :)
but ya get the idea yea?
I then ended up reforming some of her arm tentacle to be more round and fluid vs angled. I also repainted the third eye to look more animal/reptile/cat-like. I added delicate tendrils to the background steming from her head dress. went over everything with more color and highlights. and then I was done. I finished it last night and took photos so i could share today on my blog.

Now to start on a new painting this weekend!

By the way. this painting was actually inspired by a lil mini canvas drawing i have listed in my etsy shop right now. here she is, the original sea witch:
Queen of the Deep
Sea Witch
original acrylic + pen and ink painting on canvas board
by Chelsea Rose
selling for $15
( comes with its own mini easel )
to view the listing or to buy click HERE
so check out the shop for more of my original mini canvas pen and ink paintings!

I also wanted to share with you my "Treasure Map":
treasure map
i went to a wisdom circle at T.Ruth Art space(Portland Oregon) last weekend...
this time we were led through a "self realization and actualization" meditation that involved forming a goal or want in your mind...and then creating what they called a "treasure map" where you piece together with magazine clippings... what you want to manifest in your life.
it was fun. i hung mine in my lil home art studio area on what i call my "inspiration wall"
I think this is a great exercise for those who are wanting to exercise their personal power of manifestation. Its a fun project that can be done at home while listening to music or watching a good movie or it could be done in a group setting. But as the wise woman, leader of this exercise had warned us all- be careful what you put on your treasure map because these things tend to eventually end up shaping themselves into our lives!

tea time
I took this picture of myself a couple days ago. I had the apartment to myself, was sipping tea and enjoying the feel of the sun coming through the window.
In this photo i am wearing a new choker that i got off of etsy from a really wonderful shop called KMKostumes/KMKDesigns
here is a close up of the choker:

I love it!
We ended up trading for it. I got the choker and she got a print of my "Poetess" drawing : )
I love bartering!!
Be sure to check out her shop...its full of all sorts of lovely costume including hand sewn corset dresses, adorable bloomers, petticoats, bows and more!
...looking at her shop makes me want to play dress up.

So thats it for now!
I will leave you with a picture of a quiet weekend moment:
this morning
making breakfast in the morning before rushing around portland.

Much love to all, thanks for all the support!
-Chelsea Rose


  1. I love how this painting turned out. The darkened bottom adds so much depth!! Gorgeous. I may have to make such a treasure map. I have done the 'Artist's Way' a few times and one thing she says is that, "the universe wants to work with you." I constantly try to remember to open myself to the way the universe is flowing. I think this treasure map would help me to focus on that flow.

  2. Megan, so glad you like it! i had a tuff time with this one but she is all done now :) Glad i pulled off a measure of depth.

    I really highly recommend doing the treasure map. it was a wonderful was to focus intent and work with the universe!

  3. You are kind of fabulously amazing. I just rather madly followed you on nearly every site I could find you on. How inspiring you are, young lady!

  4. Imp, thanks so much for your sweetness! Your dread fall creations look like so much fun.
    i look forward to seeing more of your stuff!!
    Best wishes!