Monday, March 29, 2010

Plans are made to be broken- recounting Lost Thursday and the weekend

I have noticed in my short life thus far that plans made tend to be broken. For the art walk that i had been rambling about for some time, that was to occur last Thursday, was indeed canceled by the unpredictable rain of the pacific north west.
I had also made plans to do another body painting photo shoot on Saturday but Friday night received a text that undid those plans. I enjoyed turning the alarm clock off, sinking back into bed with the knowledge id get to sleep in on Saturday instead of rush off to a photo shoot.
That pretty much set the tone for the rest of the weekend. I didn't leave the couch much. I read books, with a warm sleeping cat on my lap and a mug of tea within reach for the better part of Saturday and Sunday. Even though none of that was the initial plan for the weekend, id say it all worked itself out rather nicely.
When i did get my butt of the couch it was to work a lil bit on my ink on acrylic paintings.
Took a few photos of my work table to share:
my work table

I ended up listing two of these new ink and acrylic paintings for sale in our etsy shop:
new stuff
yellow Bastet cat goddess
hand drawn pen and ink illustration and acrylic painting on canvas
by Chelsea Rose
going for $40
for more info check out the listing here

...i have a bunch more to list and will be doing so throughout the week along with more tie dye!

Last night I browsed through more of the photos of Ana and posted another shot:

Love Thy Self
Love Thy Self
(body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Ana)

Rebel Heiress
Rebel Heiress
(body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Thierra)

Just wanted to share these few things this morning with you all.

A lot is coming up this week and next week. Tomorrow i drop off my art to be hung for April Fools in the Practical Magic Group show, that i am super pleased to be in:
Practical Magic Art Opening
If you are in Portland on April fools i highly recommend stopping by and checking out this show which will be full to the brim with some of Portland's best and local art!
Once i have submitted the art for the this group show i will start piecing together the artwork that i will be displaying at the feminist book store: InOtherWords which should be up for all of April to check out after April the 3rd!
Cool stuff.
I will keep you posted on the goings about.

So yep, thats about it for now.

Much love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. It sounds like a very cool art show to be part of! congrats! I also love that skirt...and I love lazy weekends...great new cat goddess painting!

  2. I just visited your Etsy shop. Your artwork is stunning!!! I love how you use color behind your pen and ink work.