Friday, March 12, 2010

New Pen and Ink drawings on Canvas + tie dye

This week flew by!
Its been super blustery and wet and i have been super tired for some reason by the time i get home. I haven't started a new painting yet but i have been working on making a bunch of these:
Masquerade and Poetess canvas art
They are 9"x12" hand drawn pen and ink illustrations on acrylic painted canvas.
Im selling them for $40 in our etsy shop.
View the listing for the Green Masquerade and the Purple Poetess
these are reproductions i am making by projecting my original pen and ink drawings onto canvas and then hand tracing and refining them. With this process, even though i am reproducing my original art it seems each one tends to come out with variations from the original, thus making them unique and one of a kind!
I have a few more finished that i will take photos of and list soon so stay tuned for more!
Also, if you have a favorite pen and ink drawing of mine that you would like to have hand drawn onto a certain color of stretched canvas, please let me know and we can work out a custom order!

In other news i have posted some new tie dye in our shop. check it out:

We are calling this one "Blue Ripple"
Its unisex 100% cotton thermal long sleeve shirt.
Its a nice big size and super comphy with measurments of:
Bust: 40"
waist: 38"
hips: 40"
its selling right now for $20
Check out the sale listing here

We also listed a new tie dye skirt for sale:
Midnight stripes

We are calling this one "Midnight Purple Stripe"
its 100% cotton
waist: 32"
Hips: 42"
Length: 33"
has an adjustable draw string waist with zipper.
Hand tie dyed with lots of love!
Its also going for $20
check out the shop listing here

So thats it for now, as far as new stuff goes.

Today after work Danny and I will be attending the closing party for the 5th Annual Portland Love show....Danny and I both have artwork in the show, alongside a few of our friends from Portland and Vancouver. Should be fun!

Then this weekend i will be doing another body painting session at T.Ruth Artspace gallery. If you are in town and feel like stoppin by and hanging out we will be in the gallery painting and photographing all day! I am doing my 2nd body painting using white paint over dark skin.

So thats the scoop!
Happy Friday, have a wonderful weekend.
Much love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Purple with black pen and ink work's colors are very beautiful and it really matches the atmosphere of the lady's sensuality.

    Hope you're having a great start of weekend :)

  2. Wow! I really love those ink on canvas paintings, they turned out amazing!

  3. Terusaru- thanks for your kind words! So glad you are enjoying my new pen and ink works.
    My weekend was wonderful. i hope you had a great one too!

    Erica- Thanks so much! Im trying to pump out a bunch more so stay tuned.