Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend art projects- works in progress

So this weekend I focused on a healthy combination of spring cleaning, watching x-files, and working on art projects new and old.

By the end of Sunday my apartment was tidy with one exception: my art table:
art corner
Pretty messy huh?

Well it is a productive mess, so i dont mind so much.

I managed to begin a new painting that i had been talking about starting for a few weeks now:

humble beginnings
freaky huh?

I started this painting based off of an older pen and ink drawing that you can view here.
I dont use the color red very often. I have found that even when i use it minimally in my artwork people become very disturbed by the piece. So this use of red comes as a bit of a shock but i felt it matched the fierceness of the creature. I have to admit i decided to paint this piece in semi retaliation for all the flack i catch for painting my faeries, my goddesses, my creatures of all sorts with nude breast. People have told me the offense doesn't necessarily lie in the "suggestion" of nude breast but the full nudity of the breast including the showcasing of the nipple. Well....there are no nipples to be seen in this painting but im sure its still pretty "jarring"
: P

I also worked on finishing a few more ink drawing over acrylic painted canvas:

more ink over acrylic

The three that i have propped up here i had just finished gloss varnishing. Im trying to pump these out so i can have a bunch to display and hopefully sell come this Thursday which just so happens to be Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta st (portland oregon) where i will have a full booth set up selling my art wares. I have a few of these "ink over acrylic painted canvas" art pieces for sell in my etsy shop, just check out my original artwork section. They are selling for $45.

...So that's that. I believe my next post wont be till Friday...but i will be recounting how our experience went at Last Thursday Art walk on Alberta with pictures of our booth set up + more.
So till then...

Much love!
-Chelsea Rose


  1. I love your new painting. The red works great with the shocking figure! Definately eye catching!

  2. I love her pose. I agree that it reminds me of the images on the old birthing chairs. And I know what you mean about red. I once had to make a 'mood' painting in college. I chose anxious and painted a landscape in the Itari colors: orange red, yellow green, and green blue. Every time I looked at it my heartrate sped up. I noticed you used these colors in your piece. You must have a wonderfully subconscious color picker in you! I can't wait to see it finished! And thank you so much for introducing the masonite board technique to me. It's been so much fun to just doodle on them freely.

  3. I love your mess. Between you, the paint and the art it's a big rainbow! :)

  4. I am happy to have ended up in this blog. Your works are cool, they have a strong voice.

    I LOVE the bodypaintings!!



  5. Much love to all. Thanks for your kind words and support!
    Peace n Love
    -Chelsea Rose

  6. This is an amazing piece of work! I love the body painting, photo layout, her body language...great stuff!