Friday, April 23, 2010

More of the Mother Goddess shoot, Trades n Bartering, News n projects

Its Friday! We made it!
I wanted to share a couple more photos that i released. These are from my most recent body painting shoot that occurred last weekend with a very pregnant and dear woman as my model. She seemed to naturally channel and personify The Great Mother Goddess.
Mother Goddess
(body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Michelle Davis)
It took me a lot longer to paint her. I started painting around 10am and didn't finish till around 4pm so we had a lot of time to chat. We had some wonderful conversations and i remember Michelle bringing up an interesting point. We were on the topic of nudity in art and how its being received today and even how our community seems to be responding to the nudity in my artwork. She brought up the fact that since this particular nude body painting shoot is featuring a naked PREGNANT body- the finished images may be more widely accepted...even by those who find themselves feeling ill at ease with images of the naked human form. I think there is a truth to her thought here. It seems people tend to be more comfortable with the nude female body if it is in fact pregnant. I truly feel there is a fascinating and mysterious beauty that can be found in the female form during this special and sacred time that is undeniable and inspiring. Its almost as if The Mother Goddess her self favors women during this time by shining through the vessel thus opening up peoples hearts and minds with truth.
...and I will be sharing more finished photos from this shoot soon, so keep an eye out for updates!

I also wanted to share some recent trades that i made with other fellow etsy sellers. I love trading/bartering. its a hell of a lot better then this monetary system we have going!

First off...check out my new hat!
etsy trade
This lovely purple tam was hand made with lots of love by Lively which is an amazing etsy shop that i had the pleasure of discovering. The quality of product is wondrous and the shop is full to the brim with close to 50 various knitted/crocheted hats for your fancy. The shop also makes really groovy vintage fabric purses, crotchet scarves and cowels- Yippee for Hippies!
What was my trade peice? She picked out one of my first ever silkscreen print creations that for some reason never got much attention:Behold screen print tube top
Its a really cool green striped tubetop that i experimented on with a screen print design i made using the drawing fluid method. Im so glad its finally found a good home with someone who will love it dearly!

Also wanted to share my new tea!
etsy trade
Doesn't that look inviting?
I am a bit of a tea drinking junkie so you can imagine my delight when i found Dream Weaver shop which is full to the brim with some amazing herbal tea creations that had my mouth watering from the start.
The tea you see here brewing in my tiny lil teapot is called Triple Berry tea and it is a true delight. "Brimming with goodness, Triple Berry tea is a leafy herbal speckled with crimson rosehips and dotted with flower petals! A blend of strawberry leaves, blueberry leaves, and myrtle leaves, this infusion swirls with the aromatic harmony of a summer garden, complete with the floral undertones of hibiscus. Finishing with the refreshing breath of juniper berries, Triple Berry tea delights the nose and palate!"
yum yum yum.
I also traded for some Wiccan Women's Brew loose Tea and it really is soothing and delectable. "An all-natural blend of herbs, the Wiccan Women’s Brew combines flowers, fruits, and leaves to achieve a balanced tonic for health and happiness! Rich in iron, this profusion of ingredients includes raspberry leaf, vitex, nettles, linden flower, and cinnamon. With fruity and floral notes of luscious lemon and radiant rose, the final lingering sweet note is stevia, one of nature’s sweetest plants! Drink deeply from this magical brew!
Ingredients- Raspberry leaf, vitex, nettles, linden flower, lemon verbena, lemon peel, cinnamon, roses, and stevia." can a tea lover resist?
...and what was my trade peice? An art print! This was the chosen one:
Her name is "Rainbow Goddess" and she happens to be a popular item in my etsy shop as of late.

So, all in all. Good trades. Go check out these two wonderful shops and support their awesome crafts!

...As for this weekend Danny and I will be preparing once again to do the Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta st. in portland oregon. If you have time and you are in town do not miss this event! Its true it does get crazier and crazier as summer draws near but i am sure this one will be a success as long as it doesn't rain! There will be a bunch of local artists out there plying their trade along side traveling hippie circus that do stilt walking, fire breathing while offering free tea! Lots of live music too! People of all ages come out and explore. I love to dress up and i will be there with a full booth of artwork for sale. i will also have my body paint with me so i can do face and body painting through the day.
here are a few pictures of what our booth looked like last year:
Booth for Last Thursday art on Alberta St
( think this was the last Thursday of October(2009) very close to Halloween )
Last Thursday Artwalk on Alberta st August 09
( this one was a few weeks before i had my first ever solo art gallery show! You can see on the table i was passing out show flyers)
So dont miss out. come find us and let loose! This event will be happening April 29th ( last thursday of this month)

So thats it folks. I hope you have a peaceful and productive weekend.
Much Love!
-Chelsea Rose


  1. I enjoyed visiting last thursday when I lived in portland. I never participated though, your table looks great! I love your new body painting. I agree most people are more comfortable with nude art when the woman is pregnant but I have not really paid much attention to people disliking art because the subjects were nude women... maybe because that is most of what I paint, when I have time to paint :)

  2. THANK YOU!!! Aw you are so sweet, I love love love the top and am glad to have an early original of yours...Cant wait for it to heat up so I can rock my new top!! Yippie for hippies, thank you Chelsea!! :)

    Peace and Love

  3. Lovely pics of the nude pregnant lady! I have noticed people being disturbed at naked pictures and I think that you are right about naked pregnant women being adored! There is a fascination with pregnant women...Great trades too!I wish I could come down and check out the Last Artwalk...good luck and have fun!

  4. I find it odd that pregnant women are more widely accepted nude then non pregnant... in my warped mind I'm think well someones gotten laid when I see a preggers lady...lmao... which is far more than I can say for myself as of late... *le sigh*
    And can I just say that being pregnant was the most unatural state of being for me... oh god never again i looked and felt like a stuffed turkey.... pass the gravy and where did these giblets come from?... wish i looked and felt as graceful and lovely as your subject.
    Awesome paint job on her chassis btw my dear... Furry Pants you rock!

  5. Absolutely inspirational! Bravo.