Monday, April 12, 2010

The Dread Goddess- finished acrylic painting

So, I did manage to finish my "Dread Goddess" painting over the weekend!
Here is a quick picture of it that i took before i went to bed last night:
Dread Goddess
Rainbow Roots Dread Goddess
original acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose
(these colors are slightly off. I will get a better picture of the painting soon.)

...It had all started with a pen and ink drawing that I did back in 2009:
Dread Goddess
(Original pen and ink drawing by Chelsea Rose)
When I posted this drawing online i got a lot of interest on it. It seemed the drawing was well received and people had expressed hope that i would end up painting it some day soon.
I didn't get around to painting it for long time. In fact i started the painting process on April 3rd, 2010, which was only last weekend.

The creation process went like this:
work in progress shot
....Last weekend I woke up Saturday morning and took a look at all the blank walls of my apartment and freaked out. It seems i have parted with most of my artwork for the time being since its up in a few different places around town for the month of April. Seeing the blank white walls staring at me jump started my need to create. I began this blue background that is visible in the above photo with the intent of finally trying my hand at painting my "Dread Goddess."

The next step was to transfer my original drawing onto the painted background:
work in progress shot
Here you begin to see the humble beginnings of my 'Dread Goddess' painting. I transferred my original pen and ink drawing by way of art projector. I projected my drawing and then outline it onto the canvas using my favorite pens: Faber Castell India Ink pens.

work in progress shot
When i got to this point i began to work out what the overall color palette would be for the painting. Once this was established it took about one more week of me layering color to finish the painting. However i have two things left to do for this afternoon when i get home.
1. I have to paint the sides of the canvas a nice solid and neat black.
2. I need to gloss Varnish the painting and allow it to dry.
....then it will truly be done, ready for hanging, for displaying and even for selling!
I love work in progress pictures and information and i have found that its very interesting for me to document my creative process. Its allowing me to not only share my projects with others but to study and prefect my techniques.
....So now that this painting is done its time to start a new one!!
I will keep you posted on when and how this new painting materializes.

Other then that i had a wonderful weekend. Danny and I found a new hiking trail not far from our house. We hiked 3 miles on Saturday and then 3 more on sunday( not a very big hike, i know but it was the first leg stretch of spring- got to get back into the groove.) It was nice to have a sunny weekend amidst all the rain and blustryness that we have been experiencing up here in Portland Oregon. Plus, a dear friend from out of state has been visiting which means we cooked wonderfully yummy dinners, had fun catching up and exploring Portland with our friend.
So that is indeed the latest scoop.

...Oh, and did i mention we finally listed some baby onesies tie dye in our etsy shop?
Here is an idea of the colors currently available:

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Peace n Love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. wOOw!!!.
    I love it!!!.
    I love your art!!!


  2. Your tie dye collection of colors is amazing! The dread goddess turned out very well. I know what you mean about blank walls making you itch to creative. I'm matting a ton of stuff right now to ship off to a nearby restaurant for two months.

  3. Ooh, Chelsea Rose, I love your dread goddess! What a stunning creature she is. I adore her big hips and colourful dreadlocks. It was interesting to see the process of painting her, too.

    I hope we will be able to buy prints of your dread goddess in your Etsy shop before too long!

    Anne-Marie [not Anne]

  4. Thanks for the feedback all!

    Anne-Marie, i am thinking about having some posters made by a local print shop. So there may be prints soon : )

  5. Your artwork is wonderful, heartfelt and powerful.