Friday, April 16, 2010

Recent Pictures and Poems!

Its Friday morning and i am sitting here with a mug of green tea in hand, writing to you. I thought today i would share some recent photos, some taken last weekend, the body painting photos are two that i retouched last night and posted from my shoot with Thierra. The poems are ones i have written in the last couple months.
What is it they say? Sharing is caring?

Rebel Heiress
(body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
model: Thierra)

Rebel Heiress
(body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
model: Thierra)

Thus far for my body painting project i have photographed a total of 7 women within a rang of differing ethnicity. I shot two women with German, Scottish blood, one Micronesian & half African, one Korean, one Vietnamese, one a mix of Irish and Italian, one African! I love it. I hope to keep pulling in a diverse mix of ethnic beauties. Unfortunately it seems to be very difficult to find models with dark skin available and willing to participate in the project. I think this reflects the demographics of Portland ,Oregon perhaps? I do hope to find more darker skinned models to balance out that of the lighter skinned models that i have already painted. We shall see! Yesterday i posted an add on craiglist for pregnant women. i think painting and photograping pregnant women in this series will be an interesting addition. I have already had a few responses so i am hoping to begin scheduling shoots for this!
So thats the scoop on where my women's study/body painting and photography project is going.

Here are a couple random photos from the previous week that i thought might be fun to share:

All Dolled Up
Here i am all dolled up with a bit of makeup on.
I got a package in the mail on Monday- it was eye shadow and lip-gloss i ordered from an awesome etsy shop called : Spectrum Cosmetics.
I took this picture shortly after trying on the new colors.
I rarely wear makeup-unless its for a special occasion like an art opening or something. I like to wear green eye shadow and mine ran out a few weeks ago( had it for years!)
The shadow is called “shamrock” and the lip gloss is called “dirty girl.”

Danny Zigwomp
Here is a handsome shot of Danny that i took a few weeks past. His dreads have gotten so long already- just in a few short months it seems.

Marlita and I on the trail
Danny took this picture of Marla and I. She is a dear friend who was visiting from Cali. We took a nice long hike on Saturday where we saw a wood pecker, a crowd of vultures shifting in the wind atop the tree canopy, and a small snake with a single racing stripe that ran the length of his scaly body + lots of mushrooms! I have vowed to do more hiking as it is truly the most enjoyable exercise for me and i know i need a lot of it now that i am working in an office building from 8-3 opposed to running around like a chicken with my head cut off all day long at art supply warehouse.
-----and that concludes our picture portion of this blog post, now on to some written word!

Some of my unedited writings from this year thus far:

Poem 1
I am a careless heroine
with a brave finger against the brow
holding face in fuming reverie
growling with the entrails of this sorrowing bridge and its treacherous way
this convoluted path manifesting as a dagger of drought on my parched spool of tongue that wallows, shifting in steely indifference with the shrugging of half lidded eyes.
I stand as effigy, revered burden of glowering aptitude teaming in the splinters of steaming electrical coils, placid with the sharpness to inject.
This calibration wrought tight in columns of my spine resting in the nape of unperturbed illusory splendor is ready to spring and command.
My battered crown pulsates as a grafting symbol of granulated edict.
I am a ruthless heroine
My proclamation made deep and luxuriant amidst black opal pupils
gone milky in whisper weeping coals, gelatinous with polluted condemnation
forever a scourge, mounted thick and groveling in the winding shores of divination thus bestowed.
The towers before me are glowing, steely dawn rippling like convulsing flesh, dripping splendors of warm smoggy breath all a glow in the chill of this inky shore.
And I stand here, holding this mound of dirt between stakes of armored intent with arms held in the pulsating homage of the sphinx with its claw and feather,
a splendor of cruel truth and balancing awe. A formidable opponent, equipped stark and naked with the gaze of infinity, growing in blazing feral trance.
And I, most like a thorny serpent, my jaw puckered into a blooming flower of wound, fanged and gagging on the heavy blanket of Babylon, my harrowing opponent, abusive in its splendor.
But these breaches have little effect, for a clandestine fortress ripples in this chest of mine where I bare the weapons of elusive voices, the heavenly defiance whipping like festooned brocade, a violent ivy thick with web to ensnare and consume.
Therefore, do not cross me.
I am a careless heroine.

Poem 2

Blatant and harrowing the blue smoke climbed umbilical and groping in the shattered light
as a symbol gleaming hot and molten in the shadows of failure
penetrating deep and wallowing into the rotten core of the eye
staring from above which holds so little brightness within
but devours and hordes each jewel like a basilisk
with its talons of thorn, pulped and splintered with vein
within the beast the empty sequence of palpating calculation prevails
holding court a governing insurgence lined thick in mortar and scheming reverie
up taking and dissecting the definition of self and steal atop the brim of strangers tongues
their mouths agape with perpetual strain made stiff and groping at the dust in the swollen air
as maimed pretenders lifting numb the bulbs of their palms to the slate above
groveling in listlessness with pealed and bleached bone
protruding from each scab bound thick and embedded with wounded words
each inky character an illusory phantasm seeking to explain the truth out of the roots and dirt
as patterns speak volumes of chaos and riddle

when the bright plains of golden dawn break warm and frothy above each head
the conspirators lock fang with bounding intent
chaining reason to prescription till no heart gleams without predator forecast
birthing dreams that inscroll with twisted metal
settling over the spilt reminders of all that is genuine
the self claims the cannibal status of a pawn and fool
waiting weighted and exposed to the corrosive embrace that laps thick with eclipsing cages
ensnaring in unison each blind feeler
holding onto broken limbs and vision
groping for that line drawn in murky breath
separating this impalpable undertow
from the chance of manifest truth

the blossom weeps its seeds
floating adrift a glassy memoir
its reflection a towering waif
petals of cosmic reverb lay bent and rigid with meditated grace
a silent kindling of force it dredges up
forming new feathers of transformation
to splay at the feet of the fallen once more.

------------------------I should probably stop right there. Thats quite a dose!

Oh, just found out that i was featured on the blog of a fellow etsy Artist: LittleMissFamous, with a full 'artist interview' that i gave via email. Check it out here if you are interested.

My plans for this evening: Driving over to Vancouver Washington to be witness and be a part of the amazing art community that is Guerrilla Media. They are opening up a new art/music gallery. The event tonight will be the grand opening featuring many amazing local musicians and artists. Check the the details here.

Weekend plans thus far: Lookin for a new apartment, starting on a new painting based off of this drawing( i am sure this certain painting will be even more of a shock to people then my usual work...what with the particular "endowments" my character has been bestowed), a nice long hike in the local woods with my love, and some spring cleaning thrown into the mix somewhere hopefully!
What about you? got anything planned?
I do hope you enjoy the weekend and that it offers some respite from whatever your daily drudge may be.

Much love to all!
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Great work as usual, I always love your body painting photographs.

    This weekend I am headed up to tucson to play 3 roller derby games in the dust devil tourney. Woot.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Wow Erica! You are a warrior woman aren’t you? Good luck dear! Give em hell : )

  3. awesome poetry - some of the best ever!

  4. Another lovely photo session, I love the way the white paint swirls and defines certain parts of the model. I look forward to seeing the pregnant model too...I really like that doodle of the endowed woman!
    I will be working on more clay work this weekend...I need to do more physical activity!