Friday, April 2, 2010

Art opening: Practical Magic group show

Had a really wonderful night hanging out at the art opening for the Practical Magic group show!
Practical Magic art opening
The energy of this show is amazingly psychedelic with strong influence of the Goddess with some pleasantly deep shamanic intent.
The gallery was full to the brim with some extremely inspiring artwork. I felt honored to have my artwork and its energy making its contribution to the grand scheme.
I got to meet, hang and goof off with some of the artists including Anna Todaro( she also curated the entire show!) Laura Borealisis, Nemo Boko, and Morgaine Faye
Practical Magic  art opening
This is a photo of me with Laura Borealisis posing in front of our artwork together.

Practical Magic art opening
The gallery had a steady stream of visitors making some of the show hard to photograph. Danny was saying he will probably be going back to better capture the entire show including Nemo Boko's art section which was truly a trip to behold! ( especially when he whipped out a couple pairs of 3d glasses.)
Practical Magic  art opening
Nemo's 3d glasses were such a blessing. Once he whipped those out both danny, laura and myself walked around the entire show tripping out on how each piece had morphed under the 3d vision. It was a night full of lots of laughter, random up taking reverie, philosophical, spiritual conversates, wonderful encounters and out pourings of inspiration and good vibe.
and here is a comp danny made of some of his photos of the night:
practical magic opening
Practical Magic Art Opening
So come check it out!
The show runs through April 30th.
Gallery hours: Th, Fr, St Noon-6pm
At Coeur art gallery: 323 NW 6th- Portland, Oregon. whats next?
Today after work I will be hanging up my artwork inside the local portland feminist bookstore:
where my artwork will be showcased for the month of April.

As of now I dont have a body painting photoshoot planned for this Saturday. It seems to be increasingly difficult to schedule these shoots but i hope that they will continue to manifest when the time is right.

More comin soon!
Peace n Love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Wow, looks absolutely fabulous! I am looking forward to seeing more pictures!

  2. A big congrats to you! It looks like a very awesome and talented collection of artists and their art. Its great to be part of a show with artists that you admire and get the chance to hang out with them and fun with 3d glasses!