Monday, April 5, 2010

Friday art hanging and paint flinging Madness+ weekend progress

Wow...whats a crazy few days its been. Friday was a hoot.
It started off with danny kindly picking me up from work and taking me out to lunch. Then we went home, grabbed the rest of my paintings in the apartment and dashed off to InOtherWords feminist bookstore.
Danny and I hung up my paintings on their display wall in the back:
Hanging my art inside InOtherWords bookstore

Hangin my art inside InOtherWords bookstore
We used fishing line to wire them up in person they kinda flaot off the wall.
my art inside InOtherWords feminist bookstore
My artwork will be featured in the book store for the month of April. So if you are in town come stop by InOtherWords bookstore and explore! I talked with the art curator a bit more as we hung the paintings and she says she would like to display my body painting series at some point as well. She was thinking it would be perfect for "body image awareness month"...but we have to figure out when that is and if it will work out.

.....After we were done hanging my artwork we drove on over to Vancouver Washington to partake in some much needed community paint flinging madness with The Space Art collective. It was an open house for the new studio space that is becoming the heart of unabashed creation in the Vancouver area. The event revolved around some breathtaking local bands playin trippy melody as a large gaggling crowd painted each others faces and took part in painting a large piece of "community canvas" that was open for all.
Of course the first thing i did when i got in was put on my warrior woman marks:

Photo taken by the amazingly talented and sweet Anni Becker
( do you like my sour puss samurai concentration face?)

...and then i got to paint other peoples faces, much to my delight:

another photo by Anni Becker
(Here i am having fun talkin with and painting another amazing artist, Kelly Keigwin )

Once we were all properly ritualized in tempera paint...we began to attack the community canvas piece:
The Space Art Collective
Here is danny gettin into the groove of it all and painting away!

The Space Art Collective
Anni and I havin a go at the canvas with much reverie!

The Space Art Collective
many hands knuckle painting!

The Space Art Collective
amidst the crowd.

Here is the almost finished result of the live community painting free for all:
The Space Art Collective
It was an amazing night. i met some wondrous souls and had so much fun painting and hangin out. Big thanks and to The Art Space Collective!

The weekend was relatively uneventful compared to Thursday's Piratical Magic art opening reception and Friday's artwork hanging and paint flinging madness.

On Saturday morning I woke up and took a critical look at all the blank walls of my apartment- realizing that almost all of my artwork was out of my hands for the time being which made me realize....I have to PAINT!! I must do some creating and fill up all the empty wall space once again.
So i kicked my butt and started a new painting based off of one of my pen and ink drawings that i had named "The Dread Goddess":
Dread Goddess
I will soon be posting a blog entry on the creation of this painting with a bunch of work in progress keep a look out for that!

Also...check out two of the newest Mandala paintings that danny has done:
Vishuddha mandala
Vishuddha mandala by Danny
ink over watercolor

Ajna mandala
Ajna mandala by Danny
ink over watercolor

...So now you know the scoop. Its been a crazy fun past few days and its once again a rainy Monday morning in Portland Oregon.
Best wishes to all with many blessings.
I hope this week is fruitful and filled with positive vibration.
-Chelsea Rose


  1. So much excitement! Very cool- I am so glad that you are surrounded by a very artistic community that gives you the room and support to grow as you like! It must be amazing :)

  2. How great to have all of your paintings out in the world! It is great too to have a fun art community...I am happy for you!

  3. im so glad i have found some local art community- its inspiring!

    Thanks for the kind words all.

    Best wishes!
    -Chelsea Rose