Monday, November 22, 2010

Blue Cacoon new acrylic painting, print SALE

Its been cold! Its supposed to be snowing right now but i think its closer to slushing. I did run out to the store and buy a new pair of wool socks so i am set.
I also managed to finish a painting:
14" x 14" original acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose

....put the varnish on her last night and called it a done deal. You can check out some work in progress photos here if youd like.

I also wanted to share that i am offering 8.5" x 11" prints of The Green Man for Sale through the Holidays:
The Green man 8.5" x 11" is on sale for $15 here. He is not a print i normally offer through etsy so grab him while you can!

and Lastly...check out this neat dread up-do i managed the other day:
Dread Up-do
I have been experimenting with what to do with my dreads for my mid December art opening. I was not having much success until the other day when i came up with the above "up do."
For this one i took my first layer of dreads on either side and tied them together around my head. Then I took my second layer of dreads and tied them over the first layer. With the last layer i braided and then wrapped it up around on the sides to meet in the middle of the top of my head. No rubber bands or pins used. did that make any sense?
I hope i can manage to duplicate it when i need too..haha.We shall see about that!

Peace n Love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. The pics of you with that hair do have a look to them that remind me of paintings from the middle ages, and the years just afterwards.. very cool:)
    I think the painting you did describes winter hibernation.. Winter drains energy, but it's also nice as it doesn't demand achievements but allows time to rest and replenish. Trying to look at cold winter darkness in a positive light.. is it working?

  2. Eva, thanks for your words :)
    I love your interpretation of my most recent painting. I grew up in the desert metropolis LA California so now that i live in Oregon and can actually see and feel the shift of seasons i am sooo much more happy and feel much more balanced. I love rain and i prefer cold to hot so winter is a dear friend of mine. For me winter means new beginnings, i tend to create the most in winter and in spring i bring out all the new work for the world to behold via art walks and shows. Winter is a very introspective time for me. this winter is different however...i have big show coming up in December so thus far winter has been anything but restful.

  3. @Eva..yes it is..thanks for the perspective..

  4. @ Chelsea: Beautiful Mermaid Braids, Lovely Loquacious Loaks..

  5. Blue Cacoon, she is my favourite work of yours to date Chelsea,she is divine. Your dreads give you a princess leia feel :-)