Monday, November 8, 2010

Culture Control show + new painting in the works

This weekend was most enjoyable and fairly productive.

On Saturday we checked out the Culture Control art/music fest at Paper Tiger and NW Shirts:
Culture Control v2
Can you spot my two square paintings in the midst? As always Olin did not disappoint- the art and the music was a true treat and i am honored to be a part of the show. It will all be up for a month. for more info go here. for more photos go here.

I also managed to start a new painting:

work in progress
...I outlined her on Saturday and got the beginnings of the first layers of color on. I am thinking about putting in some purple next, we shall see.

Also managed to get a lot of the design/layout prep done for the body art book i am self publishing. Time keeps flying by and i have to have them ready and printed for December so it feels good to be getting somewhere with the project. I think we are ahead with the project which is very nice.

More updates soon!
Best wishes,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. I really like the new approach with this painting. Less body, more design. I'm eager to see how it develops.

  2. Congrats on the show, the WIP, and the book!

  3. Im loving this piece of work Chelsea, she gives me the feeling of calmness and piece , Is the colour combination inspired by your wonderful dress from the show? :-)

  4. Megan, Glad you like...I was thinking of doing a small tri series of paintings similar to this one but in different color variations. We shall see.
    Judah- thanks for stopping by, i love your blog.

    Aaron, Thanks for the kind words. I think my inspiration for the colors was that i was going for a kind of female version of the green man. but now i have this wish to throw some purple in there so we shall see where that takes me :)