Friday, November 19, 2010

Danny's Pop Up Gallery showing

I had a wonderful time last night at Danny's Pop Up Gallery showing!
Here is a photo recap:
Danny's Pop Up Gallery show
Snapped this shot of Danny and his art just a few mins before the doors opened for his one night showing.
It was an amazing evening!
His handmade ebru (paper marbling) monoprint & screen print works were displayed along with his hand drawn ink mandalas and splatter art. It was a one night event in conjunction with NW 23rd third Thursday artwalk. He shared the gallery with two other artists one who did drawings another who did sculpture and there was Industrial Dub music, jewelry, faerie tutu’s, and wine to be enjoyed from 6pm to 9pm in a "pop up" gallery that was once a cheese shop on NW Thurman and NW 23rd.

He had a very large wall dedicated to his art. It was actually really stunning to see all of his recent work up all at had a truly amazing presence!
We were both surprised at how much he had. I guess its easy to misjudge how much work you really have when you have a lot of it stashed away in a cluttered art room in a small apartment :)
I was tottally blown away!

I snapped this photo of Danny with his Ebru master Reza Antoszewska
She seemed very excited/impressed with his work....which is made quite evident from the big grin. They are looking at and discussing Reza's favoerite piece of Danny's in the show.

Danny's Pop Up Gallery show
Reza was kind enough to snap a photo of Danny and I together infront of his art :)

So yes, the night was a treat and success...we hung out with friends, met some new ones and danny sold a few pieces of art!

To see more of Danny's work click here.

Much love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Great work Danny , a great space to work with, your pieces look fantastic.

  2. This just warms my heart! The work looks awesome and seeing it in the space is really amazing. I am happy that you and Danny had that experience and that it was a great success.

  3. Lovely space for his work! What a great experience for the both of you!