Friday, November 26, 2010

Goddess In All of Us First print test book

Its here!

First print

On Wednesday the print shop called to tell me the test print of my body art photography book was ready for pick up. It was really crazy to finally have my first ever self published book resting neatly in my hands. I think it turned out amazing! I am having 50 copies printed and i will be listing them on sale in my etsy shop. You can also join me for my body art photography gallery opening on December the 16th. Ill be selling the books there as well as doing a book signing:

Goddess in All of Us - art show

Much love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. Save me one! Congrats, it looks amazing!

  2. big congrats! it looks wonderful indeed! what a dynamic cover too!

  3. you are kicking some serious ass...
    and that is a gorgeous picture.
    I am so proud of you... :)
    go chelsea!!!!!!!
    frickin rad!

  4. chelsea i'm so stoked to see your art and even more stoked on how rad it is. hope all is well!

  5. WOW!.....congradulations how exciting.
    The cover looks beautiful...:)

  6. Will you let us know when they are added to your shop?