Monday, March 2, 2009

Lotus Print Silkscreen T-shirts

So its another manic Monday,

Danny and I got a lot accomplished over the weekend. We were able to do a shoot of the newly silkscreen t-shirts that Danny has been working on. So far we have the pictures finished for three shirts out of the 5 finished. I will post the rest as they are completed. Here are the results so far:
Vintage Lotus silkscreen by Lucid Optic Lab
Lotus Trio silkscreen shirt by Lucid Optic Lab
check out our etsy store: www.lucidopticlab.etsy to see the shop listings for these new one of a kind Lucid Optic Lab apparel.

Strangely enough over the weekend i set up another modelmayhem account only this time i created my profile as model not photographer. I did this in hopes of generating some more freelance revenue possibilities. I have lots of modeling experience from being the subject of a lot of my own photography + i have been doing so much modeling as of late for Lucid Optic Lab apparel/tie-dye i thought id give modelmayhem a shot. I honestly didnt expexctmuch would come from the creation of my model account but so far i have had some great success and i am pretty much all booked for march! This may very well become an important part of my freelance work equation.

I am excited about tonight. my massage therapist from my chiropractic doctors office has invited me to a group shin-dig that sounds super neat. I guess its a spiritualist group that meets together every monday at a house in tigard oregon. This monday it is Shamanic Drum night. Everyone gets together and pow wows with percussion instruments( lots of rain sticks/rattles anything earhty sounding) using the scared drum beat: the rapid eagle beat which i think is 100 beats per minute. This rhythm will be used to create a trance where we will be able to contact father sky and mother earth and if we are lucky have some powerful intuitive visions/insight granted to us. I have been to pow wows seems everyone has their own ritual and i am excited and interested in participating with these folks tonight on their shamanic journey. I will write of my experience tomorrow.

Dr.Bob, a friend of mine from my old Art Supply warehouse days( worked there for a year and then quit to run away to the woods of Portland Oregon) is coming up this week to visit. He is coming with a friend to job hunt. They are hoping to nail a job so that they can move up here while still having a nest of stability. I have met so many fellow California refuges, as i call them, up here in Portland. LA has especially gotten out of hand in the ways of vice, over crowding, pollution, violence,...the cost of living is just psychotic and the level of police brutality is unforgivable. Many people are ready to leave behind the confused chaotic life styles of LA living and retreat to more natural, cost effective living.

I think its important for people to realize we are never stuck in whatever situations we come across. There is always the option/possibility of leaving behind our personal/material bagage and moving on to better things/new potentials. Change is good but it tends to manifest its self in my life in very strange ways that sometimes seem negative but in the end everything seems to work out and i often find myself in awe of the way this universe works. I must say that i am certainly paying much more attention to the cosmic/karamtic happenings in my life. I am making an effort to push positive/prosperous thoughts into the universe and i can certainly say that energy is being echoed back at me 3 fold.

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