Saturday, March 28, 2009

Alberta Art walk was fun!

So the last Thursday art walk on Alberta st was lots of fun. Thursday turned out to be a lovely day, boasting lots of blue sky. This time we set our booth up at a different spot, more within the climax of the art walk. We got there super early, around 4:30 to ensure a good spot. We set up atop a nice lot of grass in a spot that had a few mushroom circles and lots of lady bugs.Lucid optic Lab Booth: Last Thursday art walk on Alberta st. set up was a lot easier this time, now that we have finally figured out how to set the canopy up effixcently.
We brought all sorts of stuff to sell inclduing new things like framed prints and silkscreens, new paintings and lots more. Here is a close up of our table: Last Thursday on Alberta St. table
Lucid Optic Lab booth at the Artwalk on Alberta St
We ended up just two booths away from a drum circle that was ongoing through the day and night sparked by a man who was making n selling them. Later on in the night we had a band set up right in front of us. Loved their music: singer on a partly metal guitar, a man playing a sousaphone, a woman on drums and accordion. Shauna Mama : came and visited us! it was super fun to meet and talk with her and her husband. Im pretty excited, i believe Shauna will be sharing a booth with us for the Art Hop on Alberta st, which is coming up soon.
Met a lot of interesting people, had some amazing conversations. I feel energized and inspired from my experience and im looking forward to the next vending opportunity.

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