Monday, March 16, 2009

Stormy Monday Morning

Good morning,
I just got into work a few minutes ago. It was a stormy weekend, it would seem that the wind has died down a great deal but its still pretty wet outside. This weekend went by so fast, especially Saturday. Still, Danny and i managed to get a lot on our list done.
For instance we have been busy framing and matting a lot of our fine art prints. so far we only have one listed for sale on etsy: 4x6 Poetess signed and framed print This is a 4x6 signed print framed and ready to hang, priced at $15.00 bucks.
Also, Danny has been busy cutting up individual lotus screen prints and popping them into glass paperweights. I love them, the thick glass seems to slightly magnify the mettalic lotus print so you can really see all the details of texture. Here is a goofy pic of me playin with two paperweights: Shiva shiva there are more pictures of the lotus paper weights in the actual etsy listing:

Over the weekend i managed to do quite a bit of drawing which is good because its been awhile. I produced two new illustrations on this big huge pad of drawing paper Danny gave me. Now im just waiting for Danny to put the scans together. the paper is so big that we had to scan the illustration in parts and put it back together in Photoshop. So it might be lil while till we see nice finished keep checking back for newly released illustrations cuz there should be two comin soon!

Also, over the weekend i finally dared to try and put some dreadwax on my locks: Waxed out freaky friday
i have had a box sitting in my house for about a month now from Dreadhead HQ. I had ordered some wax awhile ago before my dreadies were crocheted but still just slightly teased pony tails covered in rubber bands. A lot had changed. by the time the box of dread wax got to my apartment i had heard so many horror stories of dread wax disaster I decided to just let my dreads be dreads and not use any care products. So far this all natural method has worked wonderfully and my dreads are already feeling nice and solid. However i have been somewhat annoyed by this large area of halo frizz that frames my head especially after washing. Today i decided to open that box of wax and see if perhaps it would help weight those stray hair frizz back down to the dreads and thus help the strays mingle and knot back into the dreads. I used the tinniest bit of wax on each lock and worked them by rubbing in circular motions back and forth along the dread starting at the root and going to the tip. After I was done applying thr wax I applied heat to my dreads with a blow drier to help integrate the wax into the dreads. This seemed to really make a big improvement with the general neatness of my dreads....they seem much more organized to me. I am also happy to report that they are not sticky yuck to touch either and they smell rather pleasant like brown sugar. This wax appears to be a bees wax and hemp oil based product . My scalp seems to be benefiting from the wax as well since it helps to moisturize. My skin is sensitive and my scalp gets dry when i dont use conditioners so I am not itchin as much. This wax has vitamin E that seems to be helping make the hair a bit stronger and healthier feeling, less brittle. for danny we still have what seems to be a few more rows to go. We are puttin in very thin short little dreadies on his head....hes already got tripple as many dreads on his head then i have on mine. we are so close to being done....if only we had a weekend to dedicate to the completion of his dreads. Ah, well, its a slow and steady process. His baby dreaides are lookin great though.

....and as far as the silk-screening goes danny just cleaned his screen so no more lotus/crescent moon prints. im excited to see what danny will burn onto this screen next. stay tuned.

Best wishes!


Thanks Mom mom and Pop pop and Aunt Char and Aunt Robin and the rest of the family who are taking the time to read my blog even though most the time my posts are filled with my wierd "droopy boob paintings" and other bizarre topics.
Thanks for the support, its always appreciated.
Much love.

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