Wednesday, March 11, 2009

more screen-print shirts, a scanned watercolor painting, tidbits and rambles

Here is another screen-print shirt that Danny made last weekend. I really love how the waning moon and lotus print came out in metallic purple paint: Purple Celestial Lotus screen-print shirt
Posted this shirt on etsy already, so its ready for purchase!

I made some use of my scanner, here is an older watercolor painting of mine:
The Devine Flower
I would love to get all my work scanned/photographed and digitally documented just so that i always have a nice high res copy somewhere. What i really need is a good fail proof backup system too, so i dont have to worry about misplacing data/picture dics.....speaking of things i need to do; taxes! UGHHHH. oh how i loath it.
Its been a fairly turbulent week, and so its gone by in a blink of an eye. Meanwhile Danny and i are busily preparing for the first vending event of the season; Last Thursday on Alberta st: March 26th 2009.
Last weekend we took the lightrail into the city on Sunday to see what the art market looked like down there( skidmore fountain Saturday market spot downtown Portland). It was a fairly cold day, randomly hailing/raining on and off so i was surprised to see a fair amount of foot traffic through the booths. Danny and i stopped to talk to a few screen-print artists. They said sales were pretty poor, due to the terrible weather but more largely the economic hardships of late. I am seeing that our economy, thus our ways of living, our consumer habits are all going to change. The trick is to find imaginative ways to continue to grow within such a negative spout of current times. I think its very important in these times of economic distress that people spend less time supporting the mega corps, but instead focus energy and funds on local small business. we have to pull together as communities and learn once again how to make do with local talent and resource.
The American lifestyle has grown so outrageously unsustainable it was only inevitable that the system would crash. Now that we are positive we have started to fall through the rabbits hole, we need to be conscious and use the power within ourselves to be the change we wish to see in this world.
Personally, more and more i seem to catch myself daydreaming of communal living. My good friend and fellow oneironaut Randy Tooth( ) has invited Danny and I to come stay a few days at WolfCreek, a spiritual, communal sanctuary that is completely self sustained. Wolfcreek is also home to the Radical Faerie movement. We will be going to visit for the celebration ritual of Beltane, but not until late April/early may. I really can hardly wait. Danny and I will drive up with only a few changes of clothes and our drums. I cant even begin to explain how much i am looking forward to escaping Babylon for several dayys. I fear it most probably will be a painful thing to come back to the daily drudge after experiencing wolfcreek.


  1. that picture is amazing! unusual, interesting, creative- what the best art is like to me!

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