Monday, March 9, 2009

New painting, new silk screen shirt, new news

whoops...its been awhile since i have made a blog entry so here we go.

just opened up a twitter account:

I finished a painting i have been working on over the weekend:
Blue spirit

Here is another screenprint shirt danny made:Lotus Hexagon screenprint shirt by Lucid Optic Lab
we have more coming but this time it will be a crescent moon with a lotus resting upon it. here is Danny's design: Night Of Shiva we took pictures in the two shirts that he printed thus far over the weekend. Hopefully sometime this week we will be able to have the pictures ready and list them for sale on etsy.

I had a lovely weekend. A dear friend of mine, DR. BOB (whom was once my manager when I worked at Art Supply Warehouse) dropped by my house to say hello with his friend Lisa. They are lookin to move up here, hopefully soon as they find a job. It was super nice seeing him. Its funny how different we both look and feel only after a year....but change is healthy and is always a good sign that an individual is on the right path. We all compared and contrasted our impressions/experiences of Portland Oregon thus far. They went home today. Dr. Bob seems especially inspired to make the move. We were talking about how many of our friends/coworkers that we met through art supply warehouse all seem to be intent on marking the move up here. So it would seem that the tribe is gathering!
...seeing Dr. Bob reminded me of just how much I miss those that i left behind in the move. But good and true friends, no matter if you never see them again, always have a speical dewlling space within my spirit. I am just happy that i was able to meet/interact/collaberate with those souls in this lifetime...
It snowed/hailed today in the morning which was sorta cool because Dr Bob and Lisa got to see that before they took their flight back to the deserts of LA. I really love the snow, its so soothing. The snow didnt last very long and just as soon as it stopped it began to rain down little tiny pellets of hail.
Took a trip to the 99 cent store and found some super functional headband things that are pretty sleak...perfect for wearing at work for a more conservative look. 99 cent store rocks forever and always.

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