Sunday, March 22, 2009

Screenprints: the Goddess in All of Us

So last week i did my first silkscreen experimentation using the drawing fluid method which turns out to be a pretty simple process. This is what i ended up with: Prints: the Goddess in All of Us

fresh print: the Goddess in All of Us

These are limited prints since i produced only 8 prints on paper and 6 prints on women's shirts. Tonight I plan on cleaning the screen and trying the drawing fluid method again to create a new design.

The drawing fluid method goes as such:My first screenprints
First you secure your silk mesh fabric into a wooden frame then you use drawing fluid ( you can get this from a few different manufactures but i using a bottle of drawing fluid that came in a speedball silk-screening kit) I used a small paintbrush to draw directly utop the screen mesh. Once i was done drawing i let the drawing fluid dry completely. Once the drawing fluid was dry i squeegeed on a thin and even layer of screen filler( which was a redish color).Once the filler was dry i washed the screen and found that The screen filler resisted on the parts of the screen that i had drawn on the fluid. This left me with a nice clean and crisp design to print with. Printing is fun but very unpredictable because of the way i am doing it. I do not have a proper screen press, like the professionals do. I am just holding the screen down onto the to be printed surface. i glob the paint across one end of the screen and then drag my squeegee across which pulls the ink over the entire screen. once that is done i pull the squeegee down the screen in the opposite direction using as much pressure as possible without moving the screen on accident. This produces a print but each print is individual in its thickness of line/clarity/detail and so on. i have to sayi am falling in love with silk-screening and i cant wait to try it more.
Danny is working on retouching the pictures we took today of me modeling the "Goddess in All of Us" shirts, so i should be posting pictures of those soon. the shirts and prints will be up for sale in our etsy store:

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