Monday, January 11, 2010

New painting + Danny's first group show!

Danny and I had an eventfull weekend.
We drove over to Vancouver Washington for our Guerrilla Media friend-Olin's solo show. We also went to a freakydeaky Disco birthday party, managed to hang with Tiffany Ruth and her new women's spiritualism group at T.Ruth Artspace...
...and then i also finished a painting:
Fanged Faery
14"x14" Original acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose
....and last night I started on another painting. Today when i get home i will take pictures of the painting progress.

More exciting news; Danny will be in an super wicked group show this weekend called Culture Control:

(Sat. Jan.16th 1pm-11pm)
-this show will be chalk full of Political/street art + amazing live,local music makers and poets.
Here are a few of Danny's art pieces that he has submitted to for the show:

This is a mixed media stencil piece by Danny about the Five Wars US Is Fighting in Muslim Countries. educate yourself here:

screen print art piece by Danny
We want Justice, not just is.

shiva thee destroyer - destroy - silkscreen print on watercolor paper by Danny

"Fighter" by Danny is an ink stain piece on watercolor paper.

I am super excited for him and very happy that we are finally delving into the local art gallery scene up here. I am very interested in seeing what 2010 offers up opportunity wise- I have a good feeling!

This morning i posted another craigslist add- hoping to find some ethnic/darker skinned beauties to add as models for my body painting photo project.
here is a link to the add(although it will expire eventually):
I said the following:
"My name is Chelsea Rose and I am a local Portland Oregon female artist
I am working on my first ever body art/body painting photography project and I am in need of some ethnic women to paint and photograph. For this project I plan on painting and photographing 10 different women. I am hoping to capture in those 10 women a good representation of women of all ethnicity and body type. A couple months ago i had posted in the craigslist classifieds about my body painting project and got 30+ responses from women interested in working with me on the project. However 90% of those that responses were white, a had a few Asian women respond but had no African or darker complexion women offer to participate. Thus, I am still seeking models with dark complexions. Please, if you are a darker skinned women, of any body type and you find yourself interested in working on this project with me feel free to send me an email with info such as why you are interested in being a part of my body art project, along with a few sentences about you, your interests, your experience ( no previous model experience is necessary). Also, please attach or link me to a few recent photos.
You are welcome to view some of the photos from my first two shoots: Hopefully seeing some of the finished work will give you a better idea of what the project entails. As you can see, with the paler models that I have shot I used black paint to dress the body. I am hoping to find some darker women to paint with white decoration –which I think would be a beautiful statement of balance-yin and yang, positive and negative.
I am mainly focused on honoring the natural beauty of women. I truly believe that there is a Goddess in All of Us and this is my way of representing that idea. I feel a woman’s body is a very sacred, strong and beautiful thing and i hope that my art project will help empower women of all ethnicity and body types, as well as break through the walls that male dominated society has created that separates women’s beauty from women’s strength and naturalism. We are beautiful just the way we are and we can honor and appreciate that beauty without being forced to play the role of sexual objects.
I am looking forward to hearing from you and creating some amazing art together! Please feel free to email me your info, pics... along with your availability and any questions you might have. Thanks for your interest and response,
-Chelsea Rose "

...So thats what I posted. I do hope that i get some great responses. I feel my project would be incomplete if i was unable to represent a good amount of ethnicity and different women and their body types.
....I am currently scheduling shoots for January at T.Ruth Artspace.

Wish me luck!
-Chelsea Rose

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