Thursday, January 7, 2010

New paintings in process, more body painting photos

So, I made good on my word to get all caught up on my painting projects before I delved any deeper with my body painting/photography projects.
Thus, I feel I can show you some more of the finished photos from my second body painting shoot with my model Jaybird:
Your Body is Your Temple
(Body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose)
......This one may be my most favorite from the entire shoot. Jaybird's pose is wonderful....and I am enjoying the splash of red color paired with the contrast of her white flesh and black designs. In this photo I had Danny mute the flesh tone so that she looked especially porcelain next to that flaring red.
Your Body is Your Temple
(Body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose)
...Another high contrast black and white with Jaybird-trying from different angle to encompass more of her body.
Your Body is Your Temple
(Body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose)
....Danny had a great idea while he was editing my photographs. I love that he left only the red Vail in color. It kinda reminds me of the old photos when they would selectively stain the actual black and white picture for effect.
Your Body is Your Temple
(Body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose)
...And a close up- hoping to show a lil bit more of the detail thats present in the painting.
So, thats it for now, more to come though!

As far as my painting projects go I started two new paintings earlier this week:
Purple Bog faery- Unfinished
Started this one early this week based off of this pen and ink illustration i did awhile back:
Queen of the Bog Lilly
I had to have Danny help me warp my illustration enough for it to be a better fit on the canvas which is a square: 14"x14".
My color palette for this piece is going to be based around my favorite two colors: purple and green. In the last couple nights i have done a lot of work on this piece and i think i may be able to be finished with the painting by the end of the weekend! It went so quick i really didn't take any process pictures other then the one above. ah well.

green pixie- unfinished
I had sketched this one out freehand last week( not based on any pre existing illustrations of mine) after painting the background somewhat abstractly with green and yellow.
As you can see the hands are a horrible mess. I am going to the library today to rent a book on hand drawing so that i can use some reference material.
See the wooden mermaid to the left? She is one of a pair that Danny's mom and sister bought me for Christmas. They found them in a local garage sale. I am truly in love with them! They thought i might want to sand them down and paint them up but i think i will leave them just the way they are. i think they are lovely in their antique decay- its elegant in its own right!
Yay mermaids!

So thats that. Plans for this evening? Library on my way home, then right back to work on my painting. Exciting huh? Yep, living the crazy life...thats me. Yea right.
Did i mention im a crotchety old woman trapped in a 22 year olds body?
Do i want to be left alone with my paintings, mug of tea and my cat? ....well, Yes. Mostly.

Bye bye for now.
Peace and Love!
-Chelsea Rose


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your work sis:] Thank You!

  2. ryan mccallisterJune 7, 2011 at 6:40 AM

    love the work. Im a big fan of black and white!
    Heres my blog with some random pictures.

    heres my sculpture site as well,