Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More photos of Blissful Hope Body painting + Danny's Mandala paintings and news

I wanted to share two new photos from the Blissful Hope body painting shoot that i released/posted last night:
Blissful Hope
body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
.....the model, Blissful Hope really seemed to enjoy this photo. I got a message from her today saying she is now using it as her main avatar/profile icon for her account. I posted it realizing i really have not posted any back shots from any of the shoots thus far. whoops! i just get so caught up with the photos involving the face because there is something so bewitching about eyes and lips! But the curves and interesting muscle tones all over the body are certainly worthy subjects too, so i will try and be better and getting a good verity of body shots too!
Blissful Hope
body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
.....This pose was actually danny's idea. I really love how tender and somewhat surreal the pose looks. Danny retouched/worked over the lighting and crop on this photo for me too.

I got a flickr comment on this photo this morning where someone asked " I keep wondering, with each of models - have you changed or modified your approach to body painting?(each time)...
I do love the bigger swirls and gaps you have on her..."
my answer this the question was: im glad you asked actually. I feel that with each person i body paint my painting work ends up highly influenced by their personal energy/vibes. So while all of these women have similar black designs covering them, each design is different from model to model- it is a highly intuitive process producing a different complete piece each time. I do hope that people are able to catch on to these differences throughout the series.

body paint in process
( process shot, captured by Danny )

In other body painting project news, last night i solidified my 4th and 5th shoots for the series. I will be doing a shoot come Feb. 6th and another one come Feb.13th live and in public at T.Ruth Artspace Gallery in Portland Oregon. I am excited because this will mean after i paint and shoot these two women i will be halfway done with my project. My idea was to paint 5 paler skinned women of varying ethnicity with black paint and then to paint 5 darker skinned women of varying ethnicity with white paint. So yea...after these two shoots i get to move on to the white paint coupled with dark skin! I am very interested to see how that will work out.

Unfortunately between this body painting project, getting the flue( i think i am all better now, i just sound like i have a frog in my throat or that i have been smoking a pack a day since i was 12-yuck!) and mundane chores i really have not done as much acrylic painting on canvas as i had hoped to do this winter. I have my second ever solo show coming up in April at the feminist book store and i was hoping to use the winter to produce an entire new series of paintings. Thus far i have only managed to paint about 5 new paintings( my goal was around 10) hopefully i can speed of my momentum and get the ball rollin a bit more! I guess i never expected this body painting project to become so huge and take up so much of my energy and time. The shoots are an all day event that leave my body and mind exhausted. I then have to be diligent about editing and finishing the photos on the computer too. lots of work but i think in the end when i have all the work done its going to pay off.

Danny has been doing a lot of studiying up on Madalas recently which has sparked some major inspiration that has been fueling some really great experimentation on his part. check it out:
Shri yantra mandala
"Shri yantra mandala"
original water color and india ink painting
by Danny
( this was his first one)

luminous mandala
"luminous mandala"
original water color and India ink painting
by Danny

....he is planning on doing another one specifically to put in The Love Show and i cant wait to see how it turns out!

Other then that there is not too much happening in our neck o the woods....however this weekend we will be driving down to Wolf Creek Oregon to visit our dear friend Wonder and enjoy the lush and lovely woods of the sanctuary, hang out with some faeries too. I am gonna bring my paints in hopes that i can use the land and its wondrous energy for fuel to create.

Thats it for now.
Much love,


  1. Sorry messed up the first comment.
    Great post! fantastic photographs!

  2. Thanks so much for the support! I really love your artwork too!
    best wishes,
    -Chelsea Rose