Friday, January 15, 2010

Whats up? lots and lots, thats what.

First off I wanted to show you the newest finished photo for my body painting project:
Your Body is Your Temple
body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
photo manipulation by Danny( )
Model: Jaybird
( i am super thrilled that danny had the idea to put this photomanip together for me. i love it dearly)
This Sunday i will be working on my 3rd shoot, with my 3rd model for this bodypainting/photo project. We will begin the painting process by 10:00am at T.Ruth Artspace, PDX Oregon and probably end up finishing by 3pm and then doing the photography till 5pm. Its a crazy long day but i think the results thus far have justified the toil. I just need to remember to take a break or two and drink some water...maybe even eat something too.

I found this picture the other night while editing photos for etsy. I am glad I have found this seeing that both of the pieces behind me have sold and sometimes i miss them. A little strange, no? Its inspiring to sell my artwork- to meet people who love it so much they feel they must have it. The support is energizing. its funny though, now that my paintings are leaving me i feel this great need to produce and produce to replace them, or fill the gaps left in my walls from where a piece used to hang.its bitter sweet....wouldn’t have it any other way though!
For my solo show i had a total of 9 large main piece paintings + a dozen or so smaller pieces. By the end i had only 7 large main piece paintings left. So far, i have managed to finish a total of 4 new paintings. Which brings my total up to having 12 larger main piece paintings available for sale and for gallery shows. This is good because i want to make sure i have plenty of stuff to hang for my show at InOtherWords feminist bookstore, which will happen in April.
Plus, i am going to be putting in this piece:
posy nymph
into the 5th Annual Portland Love Show

...AND I will be submitting the following 3 pieces to a local PDX show called Myths and legends:
20" by 24"
Original acrylic painting on stretched canvas
by Chelsea Rose

The Fish of Perception
The Fish of Perception
24" X 36"
Original Acrylic painting on Canvas
By Chelsea Rose

Harpy in Babylon
Harpy in Babylon
original acrylic painting
by Chelsea Rose

So i have to be really diligent to get all this art dropped off to these shows on time to participate!

As far as this weekend goes, i hope to finish the painting that i am currently working on by Saturday afternoon. Saturday night Danny and I will be at the Culture Control art/music show, checking that out. Then, as i said Sunday will be an all day shoot for my body painting project.

I am excited to be busy with all sorts of stuff art related. Its good for my mental health, i swear!
It has been keepin my mind off of all the negatives going on rightnow in this world. I am trying to make a change, a difference in my life in hopes that in some sense my positive path and vibrations are helping to heal the world, but right now my grandparents are having some major health issues. Both have cancer. Send some positive vibes our way, anything to keep the love flowing and the pain/suffering on the low end.
I think its strange that people donate money for the cure of cancer when the cure is simply to remove all of the horrid poisonous substances that we have come to adopt into our everyday lives such as gasoline, plastic, cigarettes, genetically modified meat and vegetable product, pesticides, various medication, preservatives, ....the list goes on and on.
Cancer at this level is not a natural/normal part of life. And the cure is not going to be produced within a laboratory, it will have to be world wide effort to live clean, healthy and sustainably once again- that would do the trick.
Im also makin some prayers towards Haiti rightnow. My hope is that all of this aid for the earthquake relife funds do truly go to helping rebuild and heal. I also hope that the US and world corporate vultures do not take this horrific tragedy as an opportunity to take advantage of Haiti and its vulnerable situation right now. When all this is through I hope that they allow these people to move back to the countryside and live self sustainable lives instead of corralling them into tent and rubble cities so that they can work in the factories.( educate yourself here on US Policy/travesties committed against Haiti over decades.)
.....just some of my thoughts as of late.

So, now you know whats up.

Peace n Love to all!
-Chelsea Rose


  1. You've been working up a storm! Sure makes me feel like a lazy bum. My thoughts and prayers go out to your grandparents. I haven't had to deal with cancer in my family (only Alzheimers) but I want you to know that you have a friend here. I'm very excited to see how your next paintings will turn out now that you have embraced hand anatomy.

  2. hey,

    Sorry for the slow response!
    thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers my dearful- it means a lot! :) far as "embracing hand anatomy" wouldn’t quite say that i have embraced it but i am making an effort to be less of a coward when it comes to rendering hands. I think my problem was that i wasn’t using references before. thats the trick though!
    wish me luck!
    -Chelsea Rose