Monday, January 25, 2010

Petal Pixie Painting + 1 year dreadhead anniversary!

So a week or two ago i had finished my latest painting but never managed to post the finished product. I thought i would share it today:
Petal Pixie
Petal Pixie
original acrylic painting by Chelsea Rose
....So for this painting i tried something new. I created a very simplistic semi "impressionistic" background via color placement. I also actually painted hands this time instead of hiding them out of the way or turning them into flower sprouts and spirals. Turns out i can totally draw/paint hands- i just need to use references. no biggy! So while i would say i have yet to really embrace hand anatomy i am making some steps toward it which will hopefully open up more pose ability within my artwork.
I like her bald head too!

As of this weekend Saturday was actually my one year dread anniversary!
And for those of you who are not entirely sure what a dread anniversary is it means Jan. 23rd 2009 was the day i began locking my hair into dreads for some very personal reasons: Health and Happiness!
One year dread anniversary
One year dread anniversary
I would have to say dreadin up my hair was probably one of the most healthy/positively influential things i have done for my body/mind. I went into the process with a few different interests in mind: culture- dreadlocks have played an important part in the spiritual routines of different cultures all over the world from the beginning to the new age. The Celtic druids, Buddhas, sadhus, Nazarities and Rasta's + more of this world have all seen and recognised in their own way the power that we all hold within. In similar and different ways all these cultures have embraced dread locking as a way to focus in and own personal power, cleanse and purify the spirit, recognize and remember tradition and elder wisdom. I have seen more and more people of different ethnicity dreading up their hair in recent times. Granted, some people do it purely for the look...i feel a great many people are doing it as a wake up call for themselves and for others + doing it in a way that initiates them into a healthier/sustainable living routine while sometimes committing ones self to a greater spiritual path sometimes involving sacrifice and the recognition of roots.
Dreadlocks were certainly a way for me to live healthier- it inspired me to stop using common hair care products whose chemical concoctions not only poison our bodies but our water and earth. I now wash my hair less( one time a week, and that does not mean i bathe only once a week...a bathe every day. its called a shower cap people!) which has allowed my scalp to reclaim its rule over itself and produce and maintain healthy hair/scalp with natural bodily oils. the human body is an amazing machine and its really surprising how healthy one can be when you leave off using chemicals and allow your body to actually cleans and care for its self. As far as care products go i will sometimes wash/rinse or dab on throughout the day some essential all natural oils such as tea tree oil(keep away dander/scalp problems + moisturize) and calandual oil( moisture and strengthen hair) but other then that its all hands off. I just let my dreads do their own thing. Since i have stopped using shampoos and conditioners my scalp has become healthier, not to mention i am not breaking out on my face, shoulders and back anymore.
...Sure, i do get some nasty looks from random people on the street, not to mention people tend to lable me as a certain type of person but largely i have felt an overwhelming network of support from friends and family. However, really i did this for myself and no one else and perhaps most importantly they feel right for me and i am looking forward to growing with my locks through the years.

So i will leave off on that note.
Best wishes and much love,
-Chelsea Rose


  1. I think you have a great deal of strength to do this. I also think you did it for the 'right' reasons.

  2. Happy dreadiversary! Come the summer I'm hoping to have sufficient length in back to lock-up again & begin a bit of a journey of health, wellbeing & learning the language of my own body.

    Love the new painting too! ♥

  3. Congrats on your dreadiversary. You and your dreads are looking beautiful! I love what you wrote here about your dreads.

    "i did this for myself and no one else and perhaps most importantly they feel right for me and i am looking forward to growing with my locks through the years." Yes - that's exactly how I feel about my dreads, which were one year old in December.

  4. Thanks so much for all the support and wonderful words of powerful positive vibe.
    it means a lot!
    and Anne, congrats on your one year too!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing this. And for what you wrote on flickr too:

    i think i see a pattern! i love how it seems there is a certain amount of struggle involved (as is with everything) and in the end dreads really help reinforce our inner truths, personal knowledge of self...not to mention strengthen self confidence.

    My dreads are just two weeks old today. I have been surprised by the range of my feelings; think I was expecting to feel like a Goddess every day. Logically, I realize that's silly, but since when are emotions logical? ♥ Helps to know others have struggled a bit now and then too.

    Congratulations and best wishes!

  6. Lisa, i know how you feel. I felt the same way also- so sure that i would feel every bit of a dready goddess as soon as i took the plunge. it was a wake up call when i realized this was not so and in a sense i was relived. it seems so much in this world now is available on the basis of instant gratification with very lil to no effort required to make it happen and i think that has taken the preciousness of some things in life away.
    ....this struggle with my dready journey has its bumps, snags and loops( just like the dreads themselves)...and so it really has been an actual journey for me. i think it is healing, strengthening and a great way to explore the self.
    thanks for your words and good luck, best wishes and much love to you and your embarking on this dready journey of yours!
    with love,
    -Chelsea Rose